Highest score on subway surfers

Have ever seen the highest score on subway surfers?

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Subway surfers, a game created by Kiloo and Sybo, involves male or female graffiti artists (depending on the player’s choice) endlessly running away from a policeman or Santa and dodging different obstacles, and also earning coins and other forms of gifts while accumulating points.

The game ends when the character bumps into an obstacle, and so, the player loses all his points and has to start all over again.

Presently, this game has an Indian Karim Mayur holding the no. 1 spot as the person with the highest score on this mobile game with a point of 2,000,001,660.

Others with high scores include:

Rahul Islam – 1,706,059,214

Alexandre Pereira – 1,000,000,946

The highest score on Subway Surfers tips

You might also want to make it to the list of the highest score on subway surfers or beat the current highest score.

  • Avoid distractions: When playing the game, the fastest way you can lose is by getting distracted. The game requires focus and attention, so, if you know you won’t be able to concentrate while playing the game, you could look for some other time to play it if you are really after a high score.
  • Use your Coins: As you lay the game, you get gifts and coins. If you are the type that is fond of hurdling coins, then you might not be able to get as many coins as you want. The coins are meant to be used, so use them to purchase items that can help you last longer in the game such as hoverboards. Also, the more your coins are, the more your chance of getting a high score in the game because, with coins, you can purchase powerups that will help your character Stay in the game for a longer period of time.
  • Play consistently: Not hitting a high score today doesn’t mean you can’t hit it tomorrow. You just have to learn the know-how of the game and play it often. The people with high scores in the game didn’t hit that score on the first day. With practice and dedication, you might just be the one to get the next highest score on the game.
  • Make In-game purchases: Subway Surfers is a free mobile game, but making purchases with real cash helps you get a high score in a shorter period than it would normally take you.
  • Perform daily challenges: Daily challenges in subway surfers consist of three tasks you have to complete. For completing these tasks, you get rewarded with a mystery box. The items in this mystery box usually include coins, hoverboards, trophies, powerups, etc. These items go a long way in assisting you to get a high score in the game.
  • Make use of the multiplier: Just like the name, a multiplier helps you “multiply” your score. At the beginning of the game, the multiplier is always 1x but can go up to 30x which means your score would go up thirty times. Your multiplier increases whenever you complete a mission.

Do’s and Don’ts of Subway Surfers

  • There are times you might need to do something urgently and therefore, need to pause the game. If you are close to a train at this time, make sure you bypass it before pausing the game. Pausing the game without firstly moving away from the train will automatically cause you to lose the game when you resume it.
  • If the position is not safe, ignore the coins, powerups, or mystery boxes. These rewards have been placed there as an enticing way to lose the game. An example is a mystery box that is very close to the train, you will get the mystery box, but then you will lose the game.
  • Go on top of the trains as often as possible. There are not that many obstacles on the train, so it is safer than the ground and will subsequently enable you to last longer in the game. You can choose to stay on the ground, but only if you’ve perfectly mastered how to dodge the numerous obstacles.

Apart from knowing the highest score on Subway Surfers, you’ve also learned how to also have the highest score on subway surfers.