Functions of a blinker fluid

Blinker fluids are liquids that enable your car indicators to work…..

….now, that’s practically a joke

You might have had someone telling you that you need to get blinker fluids for your car and you are wondering what it is, gone in search of it in grocery stores, and must have even searched online to see which store must be selling a blinker fluid, and the information you must be getting are already driving you nut.

Pause, the reality is that blinker fluid is another prank played by vehicle experts on novices, it is related to asking someone to get the left-handed screwdriver, a canooter valve, a bucket of steam an elbow grease, and whatever fools errand you can think of.

But there is actually a blinker fluid

Although blinker fluid is a vehicle product that never exist because it has no uses, but it parent term, which was taught to use the fluid do exist, but rather than how you must have been confused that it uses a fluid, it doesn’t, here is how it works instead:

The turn signal make use of a circuit breaker, when the driver turns the blinker lever, the circuit is closed, an electric current is sent to either the left or the right led, depending on the driver’s intention, the currents are sent in pulses, this creates the blinking effect for the blinker and it has nothing to do with fluid.

Once the driver made a complete turn, and the driver turns back the wheel, the canceling cam catches the blinker liver and puts it off, it can also be put off by the driver.

So you see that fluid isn’t required in this process.

What are the fluids required by a car?

Unlike the imaginary blinker fluid, here is a list of fluids that your vehicle needs.

The engine oil: ensures a smooth running of the engine by preventing friction

The brake fluid: ensures that the brake pressure is optimal

The coolant/anti-freeze: maintains your vehicle’s fan and engine temperature.

Vehicle’s windshield washer: coupled with the wiper, helps in wiping the windshield.

Power Steering fluid: helps to reduce friction while using the power steering

Transmission fluid: helps to reduce friction in transmission.

Air conditioning fluid: for the air conditioning.

Those are the fluids that exist in a vehicle, blinker fluid is never among, so when next you are asked to go get a blinker fluid, you should remember that you are being pranked, it’s imaginary and doesn’t exist.

And to wrap up the purpose of this article, has no uses, except for cause to catch some fun.