Free mileage tracker app options in 2023

If you’re a small business owner, self-employed, an independent contractor, or just someone looking to maximize tax deductions on your business mileage – you have probably already figured out that the best way to do this is through an app.

In this article, we’ll cover some of the best players on the mileage tracker app market, the offers they provide when it comes to using their software for free, and finally examine some of the advantages that each app provides.

Can I Really Get a Mileage Tracker for Free?

Well, sort of.

Nothing’s truly free forever in this world, is it?

Here’s the lowdown: all the best apps offer some period where you can try them out – giving you ample time to get a feel for them.

In some cases, this will be specific to a certain amount of trips, in others a set number of days.

Whatever the case, the user will, eventually, have to make some kind of purchase or take on one of many plans.

So What’s The Real Difference?

As usual, the devil is in the details.

While it does depend on what exactly it is you want from the app, it is worth noting that some providers simply don’t provide a full version of their product until you’ve whipped out your credit card or delved into your bank account.

Moreover, while it is certainly true that some apps can be used for free for an indefinite period, any reasonable or serious business person or entrepreneur will quickly realize that 30 or even 40 individual business trips recorded per month is not adequate to meet their needs.

Where Can I Find These Free Mileage Tracker Apps?

Most are available through Google Play and App Store.

The vast majority of apps work with Android and Apple devices, and they can be downloaded or reviewed either on Google or through websites like Trustpilot.

A Breakdown of Some of The Biggest and Best Mileage Tracker Apps

First up is MileageWise, a relative newcomer to the mileage app tracking space.

MileageWise offers what could be considered the most genuine trial – with a 14-day trial period of their full version.

This includes all of their best and most unique features, like their AI-based AdWise technology on their web dashboard platform.

This software checks and corrects up to 70 logical conflicts that may occur when you try to complete your logs, for example, if it was not possible for you to be at a particular time and place, or, when your odometer readings contradict what you have already logged.

Automatic Mileage Tracking?

MileageWise also gives you the ability to backtrack your mileage logs – which is particularly useful if you are facing an IRS audit and need to create an accurate representation of the kind of work-related mileage you have been doing.

A final highlight of this promising newcomer is that their mileage tracker app gives you three automatic tracking methods and also allows manual tracking.

These auto-tracking methods are Bluetooth, Plug’N’Go, and a vehicle movement-based method which detects when you have moved away from your vehicle.

A combination of these advantages is what makes the company call itself IRS-proof – they do everything humanly possible to make sure that if you’re facing the IRS, your logs are as ready as they can be.

Next is Everlance, one of the two biggest companies that offer a mileage tracking app.

Everlance offers an app that can be used for free continuously, though the catch is that you can only record a maximum of 30 trips per month.

Similarly, automatic mileage tracking is available, though it is not possible to manually record trips unless you open your wallet and start to pay monthly.

Other free features include a central administrator dashboard, and the ability to export contacts or trips from Excel, both of which are standard in this market.

The last provider and certainly the most popular at this moment is MileIQ.

As most of us have learned, however, popular doesn’t always mean good.

They offer “40 free drives”, which while a little bit ambiguous, equates that many trips per month, which once again falls a little short for when it comes to most people’s personal business needs.

If you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur, you may take no more than two work-related trips every day, in which case MileIQ’s free plan may be ideal for you.

The Bigger Picture For Mileage Logging

So far we’ve taken a look at the most popular players on the market and the one which objectively provides the most genuine free trial.

MileageWise is also the competitor that has the most features – we just need to look at a snapshot of every significant provider on the market for this to be obvious:

As a small business owner, what is a reasonable conclusion here?

It’s simple: MileageWise offers the best free mileage tracker app functions.

Aside from the features already mentioned in this article, other benefits include the software’s mass distance calculator.

This feature contains an in-built map that automatically calculates all distances between you and your clients, which is then used to determine the purpose of all your trips.

Summary of Mileage Tracker Apps

In the end, it comes down to one question: are you going to follow what most other people are doing, or are you going to let the innovative underdog show you how it’s done?

Don’t compromise when it comes to getting the most out of your tax deductibles – choose the best free and paid product on the market.