Effects of edging in human system

Do you know the harmful effects of edging?

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Read through to learn about the effects of edging in the human system.

Edging may not be a well-known art except you have been advised to do it or if you search for possible solutions to related problems.

In this piece, we shall take a look at the concept itself, the how, and the effects.

At the end of this piece, you will be able to judge.

Edging is the act of delaying s*xual gratification while engaging in s*xual activities.

It includes doing all that will get you orgasm and just at the point of full orgasm, the sexual activities are relapsed or changed to stop the orgasm.

This may be done several times as you deem fit.

The number of times is up to the doer.

The continued process will prolong the duration of s*xual intercourse.

Interestingly, edging may be done all by oneself especially the male folks.

And it can also be done with a partner.

In the case where it is done with a partner, it simply means doing the normal s*xual activities, and at the point of orgasm, the intensity of the activities is either reduced or stopped for a few seconds.

In the case of just one person, it means stimulating sexual activities to the point of orgasm but without allowing oneself to reach orgasm.

To discuss the effects of edging, one will need to first understand the reason for it.

Edging is a solution path for those with premature ejac∪lation.

Please note that this is not only for men.

Both men and women are victims of premature ejaculation.

Edging is like a natural way of treating it for both men and women.

And it can be administered as you deem it fit.

If it was drawn out solution path for premature ejaculation, can it ever have side effects?

So far, edging has not bagged any negative impact review on the body system.

It has been said to be helpful in several ways which include prolonging s*xual activities, maximizing s*xual enjoyment, treatment of premature ejaculation, confidence building for s*xual intercourse, etc.

These are some outcomes that have been helpful for people who engage in edging.

On the other hand, it is safe to reiterate that edging may enhance sexually transmitted diseases.

This is not particular to edging but because it is a s*xual activity too.

And every s*xual activity is a suspect in s*xually transmitted diseases or infection.

We all know that once you are s*xually active, s*xually transmitted diseases or infections may surface.

Hence the need to be careful.

Take your s*xual health very seriously.

Also, edging may lead to blue balls.

A condition in which blood builds up in the testicles following several arousals without orgasm.

This condition will disappear on its own accord after some time and it is not harmful.

So, there is no cause for alarm.

It is not likely you get this even if you practice edging often for a while.

Therefore, edging poses no threat to your body system and it is encouraged if you are suffering from premature ejac∪lation.