Does FedEx drug test package handlers?

After reading through this post, you will know whether or not FedEx drug test package handlers.

You are either applying to be a package handler at FedEx or you just want to be sure the package handler that is coming to deliver your package is not on drugs.

Whatever the situation that best describes your situation, you will know if FedEx drug test package handlers after reading this post.

FedEx is one of the well-respected logistics companies in the world.

They have staff all across the world.

Over the years, people have asked if they ever do drug tests for their handlers.

While some may feel the question is unnecessary, but it is supposed to be an employment requirement or part of the employment process.

Maybe we need to ask if the drug test itself has any direct link to their job description.

The job is just to get packages delivered to people and places.

Nothing more, nothing less.

So, is a drug test really required for this job function?

Well, I don’t think so.

But I also think it will be a good idea to test them for drugs to avoid unfortunate stories that may dent the FedEx image.

Well, for their package handlers, they do not drug test them.

If this is disappointing to you, so sorry to disappoint you.

This may be due to some reasons that may not be well known to the general public.

But there are a few indices that may show us possible reasons they don’t drug test their packet handlers.

The first is that since they drug test their staff when they climb up the ladder as they are promoted, it may mean that their position may not really be considered as being part of their true human resources department.

As you know, if you are not really considered as part of the family, there is a little regard you get.

Also, it may be because it is a low-paying job and the business is not looking at investing much in such people.

As a business, why would you spend so much on staff whose contribution will is not so much?

That’s the business way of thinking and making some decisions.

The worth of their involvement in the business may not be so much.

Another way to understand the reason they might not be willing to drug test the handlers is the employee turnover rate for package handlers.

If the staff turnover for package handlers is so high, why will the business invest so much to test them.

That will be high expenses if they have to do that for each package handler that may not stay for long.

Although they may not do drug tests for them, they carry out background checks very well.

They try as much as possible to see if they haven’t been convicted of felonies or any crimes in the past before they employ them.

I guess that’s all they need to make anyone a package handler.

Since it’s not really a difficult job to do.

At least a background check will tell about their integrity which is a better way to check them for this type of job.

I believe a company such as FedEx will definitely know what is best for her.

They must have put lots of things into consideration before deciding to background checks leaving drug test out for package handlers.

They have their reasons.