Difference between a rapper and a lyricist

After reading through this post, you will be able to differentiate between a rapper and a lyricist.

Rappers often get a bad rap in today’s society.

When you think of rappers, what are some words that might come to mind?

Bad boy, gangster, thug lifestyle, ills…

If I asked you to name one thing about lyricists or “lyricists,” the only word you would likely be able to tell me is songs.


Lyricists are songwriters who write lyrics for music artists and bands.

A rapper is someone who performs these lyrics with their own flow and rhythm as they rhyme on top of a beat.

In this article, we’re going to explore the difference between the two so that no more confusion exists about them in your mind.

Who is a Rapper?

Let’s start with rappers.

A rapper is someone who writes lyrics (song content) for other artists, bands, or singers.

Rappers perform their own songs and make beats as well.

Their main focus is on rhythm – rhyming words that flow together in a certain way to create meaning, but not necessarily always telling a story as a songwriter would.

Rappers are often performers and entertainers in their own right, which is why they’re also called “MCs (Master of Ceremonies).”

Who is a Lyricist?

A lyricist, or songwriter, writes lyrics that go with music to which other people can sing or rap over the top.

They don’t typically sing or rap as a main focus, although they could.

Lyricists often write songs for other artists and bands so that their song is complete with lyrics on top of the music.

A lyricist’s goal is to tell a story through their lyrics – either one about someone else or something personal to them.

Who Should You Be?

Both types of artists are important in today’s world.

Rappers often get a bad rap for their style and lyrics, but they’re actually very talented at creating rhythm and rhyming words.

They don’t necessarily focus on telling stories like lyricists do (although many rappers write songs that tell a story).

Lyricists are most often songwriters who write songs for artists and bands to perform.

They typically don’t sing or rap themselves, even though they could if they wanted to.

Rapper and a lyricist – Here are the differences between them

Rappers write lyrics for music artists, bands, or singers.

They perform their own songs with rhythm as they rhyme along to the beat of the song.

Their main focus is on creating meaning through word flow rather than telling stories as lyricists do.

Lyricists are writers who create lyrics to go with the music.

They typically don’t perform as the main focus, although they could if they wanted to.

Their goal is to tell stories through their lyrics – either one about someone else or something personal to them.

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