CUC on optimum cable box

Seeing CUC on your cable box might look strange to you if you’ve never seen it before.

Hence this post is to help you find out what it means.

So if you’ve seen CUC on cable box and wish to know what it means, then this post is for you.

What’s CUC code?

The Common Unit Code (CUC) is a legacy system that was created to provide each unit or entity of the institution with a five-character code.

A 3-character Unit or Department code plus a 2-character Major Administrative Unit (MAU) code make up the CUC.

Fixing the error on the cable box?

There are basically 4 major steps to fix the error and I will list them below:

  • Disconnect your cable box from the socket-outlet or the box itself.
  • Plug it back after 5 seconds.
  • The digital cable box will display hold followed by turn on during the reset process.
  • The reset is complete when the time is displayed on the digital cable box’s front panel.

Rebooting the cable box

Simply unplug your cable box from the wall outlet to reset it.

Reconnect the box after around 30 seconds and wait for the reboot to complete, which should take three minutes.

4 Dashes on a cable box

When the STB tries to connect through Coax with your router to obtain an IP address so it can go out and receive its guide data, etc., the four dashes appear.

You’re still screwed if it can’t communicate at this point.