Avast remind me next century option – Here is What it does

Avast next century

If it funny how Avast included the next century option in their updater.

I’m not sure why they did that but I went a bit in-depth to find out why they did that and what exactly the Avast “remind me next century” option actually does.

I believe that matches your search intent.

So if you set your Avast updater to remind you in the next century, how long will it take before you get and update reminder?

I must tell you, this is a joke from Avast.

Out of curiosity to know what Avast next century does, I had to choose the option when I wanted to set my postpone option.

Guess what?

I was reminded again the next day.

Personally, I would say this is just a hilarious way of saying “Don’t bother me anymore.”

And Maybe there is some psychology research behind that because every time I see it, I feel like it knows I’ll keep postponing and I feel guilty about it.

There is no big deal about choosing to update in the next century so don’t bother with that option.

So if you Googled “Avast updater next century” out of curiosity to see what you’ll get, now I have told you.

The longest period that an Avast update can be postponed is the “next week” option because the “next century” option will pop the updater anytime soon.

So now you know a bit about the “Avast next century” option and how long it takes.

What has been your personal experience with this hilarious Avast updater option?

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