Amazon payment revision needed

Amazon payment revision needed after confirming your order?

You may have had Amazon telling you that you need to revise your payment method after confirming your order.

This post will help you fix that and proceed.

I understand your disappointment; I have been in a similar situation with my Amazon account, and I didn’t have to do anything in the end.

When you get an email, text, or pop-up telling you that you need to confirm or revise your payment information, there are a few things to look out for.

Are you asked within the official Amazon website?

If your payment information needs to be revised, Amazon will notify you by email and your Amazon account.

Check your Amazon account as well if you receive an email telling you about this.

If they both agree that you need to update or change your payment information, go ahead and do so without hesitation.

Watch out for the email sender

Do not click just on any link in your mailbox that asks you to modify your payment information unless you are sure of the email sender.

Be sure to check your Amazon account to see a corresponding notification.

Click on cloaked text links that suggest this update

Receiving text messages to change your payment information is the same as that of an email I shared earlier on.

They could be attempting to steal your payment information in the same way that they are attempting to get your email address.

Don’t click on the link since Amazon will never send you a text.

Check your payment details

When you use payment channels other than debit or credit cards, they tend to be worried.

Payment gateways that are more widely utilized are good, but they are frequently used by scammers and hackers to perpetrate fraudulent activities.

They may link the payment gateway to the product, and if it’s a product that scammers frequently purchase using this popular gateway, the payment may be declined.

If you have a payment issue, don’t contact Amazon customer service first.

They’ll usually just tell you to call your payment provider and resolve the problem that way.

If your payment provider directs you to Amazon, you can contact them to try to resolve the problem.

In most cases, when you get a message or notification that your Amazon payment needs revision; it is not from Amazon themselves.

A friend also shared a similar scenario and after calling Amazon customer care, it turned out that he did not have to make any change to the payment method neither did the email came from Amazon.

The email was fraudulent and if he took the action as stated in the email by tapping the link to leave his personal details, they would have possibly wiped the bank account and get him into serious debts.

“Amazon payment revision needed” may be fraudulent so be sure to check who sent the email and ensure it’s from Amazon.

I hope this helps.

Feel free to leave further questions in the comment should in case you are in doubt.