Your clock is behind error on Chrome

Your clock is behind

If your clock is behind, you will have issues visiting some websites.

Some websites are built to work with the correct time so if for any reason you have your clock behind, you may have some difficulties in accessing sites built with such functionalities.

Apart from the error message when trying to visit some sites, there are other issues you can have with your PC simply because your clock is not well synchronized.

This error message “Your clock is behind” is common among Chrome users.

Other browsers may report differently.

Why your clock is behind

You are having this error message because the clock running on your PC is not correct.

If your computer was shut down incorrectly, you could have your PC clock not well synchronized which will affect the accuracy of your time and date.

Also, if you removed the battery from your PC and your CMOS battery is not functional, then you are susceptible to this error message when you resume a new session.

I once had a PC with a weak battery that will trip off after reducing to a certain percentage of battery.

Sadly, the CMOS battery was not in good shape.

I hope you know what that means?

Altering everything on the PC.

I did not know this has been putting my clock behind.

Only when I tried visiting a particular site and had this error message.

I could not access the webpage up until I fixed my PC’s clock.

So if your clock is behind, I will also share here with you how to fix it.

Your clock is behind permanent fix

Do not try to fix this by manually setting the clock to the correct time on your wristwatch or wall clock.

If you got this error message at the point of trying to visit a webpage, you will be provided with a button at the bottom right of the error.

Simply tap the button to navigate to the clock settings page.

The best thing to do in this case is to use the internet time settings to synchronize your clock from the list of available internet time servers.

Your time is behind - internal time server

Check through the list to make sure you get the server that synchronizes your clock correctly.

Once your clock is updated to the correct time successfully, you will be able to access all the webpages that were reporting that your clock is behind.