Why Gucci logo and Chanel logo look similar

Logos are signatures of any organization or company.

Logos give the brand and make them unique.

Usually, logos are not the same but there are a few logos that are similar.

Those similar logos often look similar in terms of shape and design.

In this piece, we shall be looking at the why Gucci logo and Chanel logo look similar.

First, let’s understand what these two logos look like in order to have background knowledge about them.

Gucci logo is made up of two letters “G” made to interlock facing opposite directions while that of Chanel logo is made up of two letters “C” made to interlock facing opposite directions.

Try and create a mental picture of the logos in your mind.

It is worthy of note that these two companies represented in the logos are not in the same business but they did not start in the same country.

Although they have both grown to cover countries and have become a force to reckon with in the industry.

Both companies have grown over the years to become giants today.

The interesting thing about the Gucci logo and Chanel logo is that they do not look similar when viewed together.

When you see them together, you can spot the difference clearly and that they are not similar.

But when you look at them individually, they seem to look similar.

The question is why does it seem this way?

Let’s take a brief look at probable reasons.

Similarities between Gucci and Chanel logo

The first similarity you will discover by looking at the logos is that they are both made up of one alphabet used twice in the design, that are interlocked and made to face opposite directions.

Though it is not the same letter in the two logos the pattern of the two designs is similar.

It is normal for logos that have similar design patterns to appear similar.

When you view the logos independently, because of the interlocking alphabet and the fonts used in the two logos, it feels like you have seen the same logo.

The way the capital letters intercept is what gives a mental picture of similarity when they are viewed independently.

This though is aided by the fact that both logos are rounded in shape.

Also, if you take a look at the logos of Gucci and Chanel respectively, you will discover that part of the similarities they share is that both logos are designed on a plain background.

The design for both logos is simple and elegant even though the two logos are on a plain background.

Lastly, one clear and visible similarity between the Gucci logo and the Chanel logo look is that the letter used in the two logos are in the upper case, that is capital letters.

Each of these logos has a letter that is repeated in the design and they are all in capital letters.

With this, I believe you would have seen the similarities between the Gucci logo and the Chanel logo and why they appear to be similar in our minds.

Though they are different it is clear that they are similar in many ways.

So, the initial feeling that they are similar is true.