Why banana and sprite challenge cause people to vomit

You must have heard that the banana and sprite challenge causes people to vomit.

The question is why it does.

In this piece, we shall be unfolding the reason behind the banana and sprite challenge causing people to vomit.

Just make sure you read to the very end.

Let’s unravel it together;

Before we unravel the reason behind the banana and sprite challenge causing people to vomit, let’s first understand what the challenge entails.

Well, the challenge is all about taking bananas and sprite to see if they will make you vomit.

In practice, two bananas and a liter of the sprite are required.

So, you eat the two bananas and drink a liter of sprite drink (or a can of sprite) as fast as you can.

Does this challenge actually make people vomit?

I am sure you would be asking that question.

Well, it does but not for everyone.

There are people who took part in the challenge, and they never vomited.

So, why do some people vomit?

One of the first reasons attributed to the vomiting is because of how fast people take the sprite drink and the amount taken.

Although the challenge does not have a time requirement.

One of the most sensible reasons believed to be behind the vomiting after taking the banana and sprite challenge is that some people’s body systems reacted to the combination of banana and sprite.

This reaction in return causes the nausea feeling making them vomit.

Well, this explanation also silently shows us the reason why some people did not vomit if it is true.

It means those whose body system did not react to it did not vomit.

Some other people have explained that the vomiting is caused by the combination of bananas and the sprite drink.

The explanation is that since there are bananas in the stomach already, drinking sprite at such an amount and speed causes the gas in the sprite to lead to a reaction that causes vomiting.

It is believed that the stomach is bloated up because of the gas in the sprite.

Although some people do not agree with this explanation.

Another explanation says it is never because of the food combination.

The reason for vomiting is attributed to the digestive system.

It is further explained that the vomit is a result of the pressure that comes from the gas in the sprite drink colliding with the bananas which already occupies the stomach.

The pressure of the full stomach with banana and the carbonation of the sprite ultimately lead to vomiting.

If you take a good look at the last two explained reasons, you will discover that they are both similar.

The only difference is that the former agrees that the food combination is the cause while the latter says it is the digestive system.

But one thing is common to both of them, the gas in the sprite drink has a role it plays in the vomiting.

Therefore, this may have been the major reason people vomit after taking the challenge.