What time does church start and how long does it last?

One of the questions people ask about the church is about the church service.

Most likely you are here to read about the church as well. If you want to know when the church starts and how long it last, then you are reading the right article.

After reading through, you will get to know when a church starts and how long it lasts.

Here is when a church starts and how long does it last

The question about when the church starts borders on church service. So, when we ask when the church starts and how long it lasts, the question means when church service starts and how long it takes.

First, what is church service?

Church service is the gathering of saints known as believers in Christ Jesus where they fellowship and know more about their God.

Things that happen in a church service include thanksgiving, dance, prayer, Bible reading, Bible teaching, songs, etc.

Interestingly, there are different types of church services.

So if we ask when the church starts and how long it takes, it actually depends on the type of church service.

The type of church service will tell when it will start and how long it will take.

Let’s take a look at the different church services with respect to this information.

Sunday Service

Sunday service is the major service for all Christians. This usually starts in the morning. For most churches, it starts around 8 am on Sunday morning. Those who run multiple services may start their first service by 7 am. Most Sunday services last for two and a half hours while few last up to four hours.

Bible Study

This church service is used to teach the Bible to give more understanding to Christians on the doctrine and principles of the Bible. This service does not last more than two hours at most. Most churches run it for one and a half hours. It is usually held between Monday and Thursday in the evening between 4 pm and 7 pm depending on the church.

Prayer Meeting

This service is used to teach and pray over issues based on the theme. Traditionally, most churches have a prayer meeting within the week. It is usually held in the evening and does not last more than two hours. Usually, a prayer meeting day is 48 hours after or before Bible study. This means if Bible study is on Monday, the prayer meeting will be on Wednesday, and vice versa.

Vigil or Tarry Night

This is a service of the church held only in the night till the following morning. The normal vigil starts at 12 am but in recent times, some churches start as early as 9 pm and till 5 am the following morning especially when they have special programs.

Normally, vigils are held on Wednesdays or Fridays except for special programs.

Apart from these statutory church services, there are other special programs. The duration or when these programs will start is determined by the uniqueness of the church service. Some of these special programs may be done monthly or yearly.

With this, I do hope you now know the time church services start and how long they take. Please note that this information is based on the general church details. It will be different for some churches and countries.