What does heaven look like? See here

In an earlier article, I shared the possibility of going to heaven with a tattoo.

But really, what does this heaven look like?

When it comes to discussion on what heaven looks like, there have been a lot of hearsays and dreams.

I guess everyone wants to know what heaven looks like so that they can know what hope they have after death.

In a few words, we shall discuss what heaven looks like.

To establish what heaven looks like, we will need to rely on the words of someone who has been there and whose words can be verified.

One great person that falls into this category is Jesus.

Bible is a book of authority that also shows what heaven looks like.

Let’s examine a few descriptions from there.

The description of heaven

One description of heaven is that it is a place that has mansions.

We can’t tell for sure how many mansions are there but we know this through the words Jesus spoke to his disciples.

He said there are many mansions in His father’s house.

Jesus mentioned this in John 14:2-3.

We can’t tell how big these mansions are but it is established from Jesus’ words that they are much.

If you follow John’s description recorded in the book of revelation, you will discover that heaven is a perfect place where peace reigns.

It is a place where things like hunger and thirst will no longer be our experience.

It further shows that sun and or heat will be missing.

It is completely a different world from what we used to know.

Check out John’s words in Revelation 7:15-17.

Interestingly, John also talked about the fact that there are 12 entrances into heaven.

Not only that the gates are twelve in number, but it also says the gates are made of pearls.

In addition to this, John says the streets of heaven are made of pure gold like transparent glass.

Think about a street you are walking on that is transparent.

Can your imagination beat that?

All of these descriptions are in a singular verse in Revelation 21:21.

Another interesting description of heaven that we can see from the Bible in the narration of John in the book of revelation talks about the lightening of heaven.

It says the light is God, and it looks like precious stones like Jasper.

It says the light is crystal clear.

This can be confirmed in Revelation 21:9-11.

Take a moment to envision how beautiful that light will be, and then imagine how it will beautify heaven.

Psalm 50:2, says the perfection of God will shine through.

Can you take a moment to imagine the greatness of that beauty?

Lastly for this piece, another great description of heaven is that there are trees and rivers in heaven.

The description says there are streets by the river.

Not only is that there are trees, but these trees also produce twelve fruits.

A single tree produces twelve fruits.

That will be a great sight to behold, and how satisfying will it be to eat from those fruits.

Take a mental picture of these descriptions in Revelation 22:2.

It is awesome!