What happened to Musicpleer and why it disappeared

There are many websites that serve people with music and allow free downloads.

These websites help music lovers to get their own copy of the songs they love from old songs to the recently released songs across different genres.

It is always fun knowing there is a place to get the songs you love.

One of the websites where people were able to get music was the musicpleer website.

The website has served lots of people within the time it was available.

Unfortunately, the site did not last as much as we expected.

So, the question borders on what really happened to the website and why we don’t have it anymore.

Here is what happened to Musicpleer and why it disappeared

The site has been a platform to get music for free.

It catered to all music lovers.

Everyone was able to download songs for free on the website.

All you needed to do was to log on to the website and search for the songs you want to download for free through the search box.

There was speculation that the disappearance of the website was due to the handiwork of hackers.

However, this has not been confirmed by anyone.

It is just speculation.

But come to think of it, why would anyone want to hack the website and bring it down.

The site helped a lot of people to get music for free.

Well, it may just be a hacker trying out his skill.

So, we may not really put away the possibility of the site being hacked.

But if it was hacked, it should be back by now and we ought to have heard from them regarding this.

Musicpleer was a great website with a user-friendly platform.

The website also had a mobile adaption app which was made available on the Google play store and app store.

Unfortunately, as the website was shut down, the app is no longer available as well.

This is because the website and app are one, the app was just a mobile-friendly adaption of the website.

The site had the goal to serve people with free music downloads for all kinds of songs.

The website was recently shut down.

The reason it was shut down was traced to it being loaded with pirated content.

Since this is a criminal offense in many countries, the website did not escape the sanction of being shut down.

Although the particular pirated content it loaded was not known even till now.

But it was generally understood to be shut down for pirated loaded content on it.

In truth, the problem with pirated content is that people who have worked to produce it are not well paid for their works.

A lot of people have commented that though the website is loved by many but they still stand by the decision that shut it down since it was for a pirated copy issue.

This is because the act has been tagged “the right reason” by many who heard it was because of the pirated content.

Musicpleer alternatives have emerged.

You might want to check them out to continue enjoying your music on the go.