The origin of winner winner chicken dinner

The phrase “winner winner chicken dinner” is popular, there is no doubt about that.

I am sure you must have heard it from different people at different intervals.

Well, if you are interested in the origin of this phrase and what it means, you are reading the right piece.

As you will get to find out the meaning of winner winner chicken dinner so you don’t get confused the next time you hear this phrase.

The phrase seems to have different stories claiming the origin of the phrase.

Although the phrase is currently being used by a chef and food network host.

He normally uses this phrase when he tastes food that is great.

So he would normally say winner winner chicken dinner, that’s a good one for me.

One of the most discussed origins of the phrase is the one relating to a story about chicken dinner in Las Vegas.

There used to be a casino in Las Vegas that holds chicken dinner for $2.

At that time, the standard dinner was $2 too, so If you won the bet, it means you win a chicken dinner.

The phrase “winner winner chicken dinner” is believed to have originated from this.

Another writer named David Guzman noted that the phrase originated from gamblers in 1930 following the great depression.

So, they would bet all they can just to win a chicken dinner.

So, when any of them wins a bet, the phrase “winner winner chicken dinner” is used to celebrate the winner and the bet won.

It is possible that this may have been the origin.

There is another story of 1930 story that is believed to be the origin of the phrase.

It turns out that a company that is a candy maker and her employees had a case that was taken to court.

The judgment declared both the employees and the company winners.

So, the company made a candy named chicken dinner.

The lawyer was seen shouting “winner winner chicken dinner” and it made headlines in the newspapers.

Many people also believed that the phrase was made popular by a movie titled 21.

It is a gambler’s movie and the phrase was used several times in the movie.

Many believed that this movie was what made the phrase popular but I don’t think so.

Not everyone watches a movie and even in the class of movie watchers, not everyone watch gambling movie but the phrase is very popular.

Today, the phrase is being used by people when they win a bet, competition, or discussion.

They use the phrase to tell their winning story in a victory tone.

Thus the phrase became well known by different people even people who don’t play bet.

They just know what it means when they hear anyone say that the fellow must have won a game or bet.

With this, I believe you would have gained some knowledge about the origin and meaning of the phrase “winner winner chicken dinner” so next time you hear people say it, you are not left in the dark.

These are some of the cases that denotes the origin of winner winner chicken dinner

Whichever one you considered as the origin of the phrase is the one as none is acclaimed yet but speculations.

Which of the origins shared above do you think is the correct origin of the phrase?

We would like to hear from you.