When to use pish posh instead of pish tosh

There seem to be a lot of words that we are not paying attention to.

Some look like they are not grammatically correct while some just sound like they are slang.

I think we all need to constantly check our vocabulary archive.

This is necessary because the meaning of words does change with time too.

So, in this piece, we shall be looking at pish posh and pish tosh.

We will explore when to use each of them.

When to use pish posh instead of pish tosh

To start with, pish posh is not written as two words.

It is a single word with a hyphen in between.

So, it is correctly written as pish-posh.

Now that we know the correct way to write it.

What does it mean?

Well, it is used to mean that someone’s opinion or thought is rubbish or worthless.

This means that the word is used to declare that people’s statement is off.

For pish tosh, please note that it is not written as two separate words too.

A hyphen is used in between to make it a word.

It will be written as pish-tosh.

So, what does pish-tosh mean?

Well, it’s a good way to say that something doesn’t make sense.

It means it is used to politely say something is irrelevant.

It appears like a polite insult kind of a thing.

Interestingly, the two words do not really differ if you carefully consider them.

They both have similar meanings.

This makes some people use them interchangeably.

This is because both of them will earn you the same meaning and understanding.

Would you blame those who use it interchangeably?

Definitely going by the meanings explained above.

Apart from the similarity in meaning and usage, it is also true that both words are outdated.

It is sparsely used in today’s vocabulary.

You are likely not to hear any of them from people in recent times.

Those who lived in the 50s know these words because they were well used those days.

Even though it is not well used today, the meaning of the words still remains what they were years back.

So, is there a time that pish-posh is used instead of pish-tosh?

Well, the answer may not be a straight yes or no.

If we throw some explanation, the answer will be clear.

First, that they mean the same is the first liberty to use them interchangeably.

But there seems to be an adoption of one into a category more appropriate than the other.

The first is seen to be more appropriate by a few.

It is just a perception, not that it is actually.

Finally, some people find one to be more direct than the other.

Again it is just a perception.

Due to this perception, they use one when they joke while they use the other when they are serious.

Pish-posh is used when they want to joke while pish-tosh is used when they are very serious and require people to take them seriously.

Well, there is really no justification for this.

Just flow along with it.