Otto insurance review from real time customers

The best way to get an honest review of any product or service is through people who have used the product or service before.

And so in this post, I’ll be sharing with you Otto insurance review from people who have used the service before (real-time users).

If you are a frequent user of Youtube and some websites, you may have seen ads of Otto Insurance showcasing their services.

If you are yet to click on the ads to register or you are wondering how their service will look like, this piece will shed more light on who they are and what they do.

Let us begin with what the ads say about them.

The ads never call Otto insurance an insurance company.

The ads either promise to help you compare insurance quotes or help you to find the lowest rate.

This means they are not in themselves an insurance company but a referral company.

People who have clicked on the ads to get started with them have different opinions.

First, that they portray themselves as an insurance company which they are not but a referral company for insurance companies.

While this is first the grievance of people who have registered with them, there are more serious issues.

Also, with the information and design of Otto insurance, visitors are made to believe that they are an insurance company.

This is one of the reasons people have reviewed Otto insurance as a scam since they portray themselves differently from who they are in reality.

Lots of people felt they were deceived and lied to which is one of the reasons there have been negative reviews about them all over.

Lots of people who have registered with Otto insurance have reviewed online as a bad company.

Their first complaint was that Otto insurance shared their contact details with different insurance companies.

To this end, they have been getting too many unsolicited calls.

Many have shared that the calls were annoyingly too much and it feels like intruding into their privacy.

As you complete your profile with them, Otto insurance will tell you you are qualified for discounts but to get it you will be required to input your mobile number and agree to the terms and conditions.

In the terms and conditions, there is a phrase that allows them to give your contacts to their affiliate and partners.

And if you check the list of their affiliates and partners, they are up to 1000.

This is why registered people get too many calls.

Interestingly, there are positive reviews on the Otto insurance website.

Well, no one will put a bad review on their business website.

The question is, are those people enjoying the massive unsolicited calls?

There is no review of such on their website but it can be found on other platforms.

There are people who even pointed out that they wish they know how to ban their ads on Google and Youtube.

On the other hand, there seems to be a positive side to Otto insurance review.

Few reviews have identified that if all you care about is getting free quotes, then you will get it plus the massive calls.

So, if it is to get quotes for insurance policies and comparisons, you will get that without issues.