Jerry’s Home Improvement — All You Need To Know

Jerry's Home Improvement

On this page I will share with you everything you need to know about Jerry’s home improvement so if you have been searching for information about Jerry’s home improvement, then you’ve landed on the right page.

Jerry’s home improvement is a building material store that was founded by Jerry and Merle Orem in November 1961.

And till date, Jerry’s home improvement is still active.

At the initial stage, there were just 2 employees but as at the time of updating this post, Jerry’s has grown to hundreds of employees.

It all started with a 5000 square feet store, but later on, the ministry needed some expansion which prompted the relocation.

Later in 1996, November precisely Jerry’s launched another 350,000 sq. ft. on the corner of Highway 99 Beltline and north.

At this point, all the doors of smaller stores were shut.

Because of the aim of providing convenience to customers open requests, Jerry’s opened a 2nd store 2003 January in Springfield and it is located at 2525 Olympic street.

All of these were aimed at providing quality service delivery to the customers.

A lot has happened since 1961.

Dennis Orem in December 2010 announced that through employee stock ownership (ESOP) he was transitioning ownership.

Enabling them to become partners/shareholders in Jerry’s growth.

You know what?

In the midst of all of these transitioning one thing that has never changed is the quality of service delivery.