How To Work In Canada In 6 Easy Steps

Simple Ways to Get a Job in Canada – As one of the world’s most fascinating nations, Canada is a destination that many people from other countries desire to immigrate to.

Working in Canada is wonderful since you get to experience better working conditions, more pay, and a low cost of living.

Who wouldn’t want to work in a place where the minimum wage is high and the cost of living is low?

You’d make more money, spend less, and have more money to save.

The government of Canada is looking for ways to fill the labor shortages in the country in order to continue its growth and development of the country.

As a result of the aging population caused by the rising rate of retirees in the country, this country has many job openings.

They have outlined a plan to welcome over a million immigrants from various nations around the world into Canada, so regardless of your nationality or location in the world, you can apply for a job in Canada under one of the various Canadian immigration programs and envision moving there in 2023.

Within the years 2021 to 2023, you may be one of the immigrants that Canada will welcome.

Because the Canadian government is committed to the country’s ongoing growth and development, you have the chance to find employment there and perhaps apply to live there permanently.

Many Canadian firms are eager to hire foreign skilled workers to address the labor shortages in their businesses, and they will definitely assist you with your application if you have the necessary skills for the position that is in demand.

If you don’t go through the proper channels or obtain the proper information, the process of applying for a Canadian visa or landing a job in Canada might seem intimidating and challenging.

Power comes from knowledge!

And for that reason, we consider it our duty to always keep you up to date on any changes to the Canadian immigration system and programs.

How can you get work in Canada?

Many people from different countries across the world wish to relocate to Canada in search of greener pastures due to the intriguing and helpful work that can be found there.

The Canadian government is continuing to focus on creating more jobs in the Great White North. However, not everyone can get hired in Canada, which is fact.

To be hired in Canada, you must meet number of qualifications and criteria, and having the required work experience is one of the fundamental needs.

So that you won’t have to worry too much, we’ll be outlining simple procedures for finding employment in Canada in 2023.

Your employment application and Canadian visa will be processed more quickly and easily if you follow these instructions.

What is a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)?

This is a document that Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) issues to a Canadian company to demonstrate that the employer needs an immigrant worker to address a labor shortage and that no Canadian citizen is available to fill that position.

To assist you in your application for a Canadian visa, the Canadian company will provide you with a copy of the LMIA as well as a formal job offer.

Your LMIA and job offer provide you an advantage over other candidates for a Canadian visa because they demonstrate that you already have a job lined up for when you arrive in Canada.

6 easy ways to get a job in Canada?

  • Get a work permit in Canada

You will undoubtedly need a work permit and, in some cases, a study permit in order to be able to work in Canada as a foreign national.

With a work permit, you are able to work in Canada and possibly apply for permanent residency there. Let’s see the procedures for obtaining a work visa or permission for Canada.

  • You have to choose your work permit

Your career or field will determine whether you can obtain a work permit in Canada.

You can apply for either an employer-specific work permit or an open work permit.

Open work permit:  You are able to work for any employer in Canada with this work visa.

You are not limited to working for a specific company or province in Canada.

As a result, you can work for any employer, hence an LMIA is not really necessary.

Although it provides you an advantage over other applicants, the open-work permit is beneficial if you are applying through the Express Entry System because you won’t necessarily be seeking a legitimate employment offer.

Employer-specific work permit: This work permit limits you to working for a certain employer in Canada, thus in order to support your application for a work visa, you will need to have a legitimate employment offer and a copy of the LMIA from the employer.

The closed work permit is another name for the employer-specific work permit.

The employer-specific work visa is the ideal option if you’re applying through the Provincial Nomination Program because it will let you work for a certain employer in Canada or in a particular province in Canada.

Because of your employment history in Canada, you should be aware that you can also apply for permanent residence through a work permit.

  • Know if you are eligible

Being eligible for a Canadian work permit implies that you meet these requirements

  • You must have a valid job offer depending on the visa program you applied for
  • You must prove that you will leave Canada after your visa expires
  • You must have a sound health
  • You must have no criminal record
  • You must prove that you have enough funds to support your stay in Canada
  • Apply for the work permit

A work permit application can be submitted directly or online.

If you apply directly, you will have to pay courier fees, the application processing time will take some time, and there is a chance that you may submit an incomplete application or have some documents lost.

On the other side, applying for a work visa online is easier. You can also upload your supporting documentation, and the application’s processing time is only about 20 weeks.

  • Update your resume

When looking for a job in Canada, there is a lot of competition, so you’ll need to stand out from the crowd by submitting an updated CV.

This demonstrates that, based on your resume’s content, you are qualified and capable to receive the job offer.

This does not imply that you must provide incorrect information, but your CV and web profile must be compelling.

A recommendation from someone who has worked with you in the past, such as a former employer, coworker, or supervisor, demonstrates that the information on your resume and online profile is accurate and that you are qualified to perform.

Your online profile should be updated, detailed, and professional. If you have a professional web presence, you can show it to Canadian recruiters so they can see what you have to offer.

You can even hire expert resume writers and designers to assist you in creating a strong resume that highlights your personality, career history, and education.

The most crucial component to make yourself attractive, aside from building a solid LinkedIn profile to show professionalism, is your CV.

This is true even if you haven’t created a tangible product or haven’t documented your work experience in a photo or video format.

Work on your cover letter as well since it briefly discusses what you can offer and your level of expertise in the industry.

It is more akin to an introductory letter outlining your professionalism and availability to work for the company.

Additionally, you might obtain letters of recommendation from your past employment to include with your application.

These letters attest to your dependability and strong work attitude.

  • Go for jobs that are in line with your career and experience

Why would you apply for a job that is unrelated to your area of expertise or line of work when there is no guarantee that you will be hired for it?

One of the requirements for requesting a Canadian visa is applying for a job that fits your career.

If you most closely match the job position you apply for, you have a better chance of receiving a job offer from an employer in Canada.

One of the main requirements for obtaining a job in Canada in 2023 is having work experience, particularly if your profession falls under one of those that are in high demand there.

Prior to applying for a job and a visa in Canada, you should aim to obtain paid work experience since this will boost your chances of landing a position.

  • Look for the best recruitment platform whether in Canada or globally

There are some good websites that present Canadian jobs for people that want to apply for jobs in Canada, some of them are

  • Indeed (a global job company that recruits workers for industries)
  • Monster (a global job website that has a popular branch in Canada)
  • Canada job bank (it is one of the most used job website for jobs in Canada)
  • Workopolis (helps small and corporate businesses to find a the best candidates for job positions)
  • Eluta (this is another job website in Canada for Canadian employers who want to hire workers)
  • Follow up on your application

You will need to follow up even after you have applied for the job because you must have waited and no email discussing the application has arrived.

Your follow-up demonstrates your keen interest and high expectations for the position.

With this, the business may opt to extend a job offer to you after recognizing your readiness and willingness.

Saying “thank you” demonstrates your manners and modesty even after your application has been approved and an email has been delivered to you.

  • You can also try living in Canada before applying for a job

Are you concerned about how you could reside in Canada without first obtaining employment there?

You could, of course, go through the study permission.

This indicates that you will immigrate to Canada to pursue your studies.

You will be able to study and work while studying abroad in Canada, though it will only be part-time.

Having this work experience while you are still in school will make it simpler for you to get employment once you have finished your course of study.

Through the Canadian Experience Class (CEC), you can also seek permanent residence.

A work experience in your vocation or field of study will give you an advantage when you want to apply for a job position in that field, therefore if you want to go through this procedure, make sure you get one.