How to unblur StudyBlue on Chrome

Before you ask to know how to unblur StudyBlue, you probably must have heard about StudyBlue before or even use it.

Well if you have not or don’t know what it means.

Let’s briefly take you through it.

What StudyBlue is

StudyBlue is a flashcard app made specially to enhance learning for high school and college students.

Students use it to curate their own digital flashcards via images, text, or voice recordings.

It is meant to help the students search for things, topics, or subjects easily.

Although, it is noted to be taking students to misleading citations and may also border on privacy issues.

These are some of the identified issues by users.

The truth is it helps students a lot and it is highly recommended.

However, in this piece, we are taking a look at how to unblur StudyBlue on Chrome.

So, if this looks like what you want to read about, please take the time to read through the rest of the piece.

We will be taking a look at two major ways to unblur StudyBlue on chrome although there are different ways to unblur StudyBlue on Chrome.

You can make use of extensions on Chrome.

We shall discuss how to unblur StudyBlue on Chrome using an extension on Chrome and one other method.

Please see the details on how to unblur StudyBlue on Chrome for each method below;

Method 1: How To unblur StudyBlue on Chrome Via Inspect Element

Here are the steps to take to unblur StudyBlue on Chrome through inspect element;

  1. On the Chrome page, simply right-click your mouse
  2. Some options will come up, please select inspect
  3. A page will come up on the right-hand side of Chrome, carefully carry your mouse to that part and move it over the page gently. As you move it over the page you will see the corresponding highlight on the left side of the page.
  4. Place your mouse cursor on the pop-up box part of the page.
  5. Then delete that part of the page starting <div> tag and the content will be cleared of pop-ups.

With these steps, you can easily unblur StudyBlue on Chrome without any technical know-how or any technical process.

If you don’t get it first, try the steps again, and you will surely get it.

Method 2: How To unblur StudyBlue on Chrome Via Extension

As stated above, you can as well unblur StudyBlue on Chrome via extension.

This process is much simpler because all that it requires is that you install the chrome extension and then you can use it anytime you need the service.

To install an extension on Chrome, simply open your Chrome, then click on the three dots by the top right-hand side and a pop option will come up.

Click on settings and a new page will open up.

Look out for extensions and click on them.

A new page will open up too where you can see all extensions already installed on your Chrome.

You can use the search box to search for the extension you want to install and install it.

Once installed, you can always use it anytime.

Following these steps will help you unblur StudyBlue.

Which of the methods worked for you?

Let us know.

Meanwhile, you can also unblur Chegg answers following these steps.

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