How to create a strong password 2023

Having a strong password is tantamount to securing your online account.

With your password being known by anyone especially a hacker, your account is gone and it can be used to cause more harm than you can imagine.

And since hacker is not written on anyone’s forehead, so you need to be careful because anyone can turn your account into something else.

Here are tips to create a strong account in 2023

First, you need to create a password that is more than 8 characters.

I recommend something longer maybe 10 to 12 characters and if you can have something longer, it is better.

Please note that it should be something you can easily remember and not something too obvious about you that people can easily guess.

I must add that you should try as much as possible to avoid using your name or the name of the platform you are creating a password for.

This is common but not too good for your safety.

Don’t create passwords around your name, a good hacker can get you, and even people that know you can guess that.

After you have created at least 8 characters long password, the next thing is to ensure that the password is mixed with both letters and numbers.

This is very key so as to avoid people guessing your password.

Please note that when it comes to mixing the letters and passwords, there is a way to do it to make it strong.

For instance, don’t create a password like this “blackmoney123” even though this is long enough and it contains both letters and numbers, it is neither good nor strong enough.

This is easy for hackers to get and anyone that knows you can easily guess this.

Another important thing to take note of while creating a password is that it must contain at least one symbol.

I will advise two to make it very strong.

The symbols you may use include. :,! & @ * # ! ? ], etc.

Using the example above, you can have something like this “[email protected]!one2y” with this, you are on your path to creating a strong password.

Although, you may consider this “[email protected]!one2y” a great password and it is if you ask most people, but there is more you can do to make it really strong and unpredictable by people.

So what’s next?

Ensure to add some uppercase or capital letters to the password.

Our example can be made stronger like this “[email protected]!One2y” or “[email protected]!oNe2y” Capital letters should be included in the password to make it strong enough.

With these tips, you can create a strong password for yourself.

So get started with your email accounts, bank apps, and every other account that you use a password to access.

Create a stronger password and prevent hackers from getting to you or stealing from you.

I must also add that you should not use the same password for all your account.

Even though the password is very strong, try to prevent the urge to use it on all your platforms where you have an account.

Try to create a password using these tips for each of your accounts.

Stay protected in 2023 with a good and strong password.

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