Difference between One Punch Man webcomic and manga

Many have longed to be able to outline the differences between One Punch Man’s webcomic and Manga.

Well, there are differences that can be easily spelled out especially if you are familiar with the two.

This piece will help you to bring out the differences for easy understanding.

Please find them below;

One Punch Man webcomic and manga [Differences]

One of the most visible differences is in the appearance of the drawing.

You will agree with me that anyone can easily spot the difference even if you just wake them from sleep.

One’s drawing looks crude in appearance while that of Yusuke Mirata looks like the improved version of one’s.

Almost everyone I know prefers Yusuke Mirata’s drawing style.

The differences between One Punch Man’s webcomic and manga are better explained in the chapters.

The turn of events may look similar but different in how they eventually unfold.

With this in mind, we may not cover all the differences between One Punch Man’s webcomic and manga but we will discuss some that will show that there are differences.

Starting from chapter 1, vaccine man flies in Manga but it doesn’t in the webcomic.

That is where the differences began.

It went on to showcase another difference in chapter 9 where we see that the house of evolution base is eight in the manga but it is five in the webcomic.

In chapter 12, Sonic made an appearance from a shadow while the appearance is from a tree in Manga and webcomic respectively.

In chapter 17, Genos’ actions on Saitama are different in Manga and webcomic.

In the manga, Genos kicks Saitama while it was a punch on Saitama in the webcomic.

You will also notice that in the webcomic, there was no aftermath for Saitama’s punch.

These are notable and verifiable differences in the manga and the webcomic.

Also, in chapter 23, it was the stinger’s left eye that was closed in the webcomic while it is the right eye that was closed in the manga.

A similar difference occurred in chapter 25 where Deep Sea King and Puri-Puri Prisoner punch with their left hand in the webcomic but they used their right hand in the manga.

When it comes to missing parts that are not in either of the two, you will discover that in chapter 38 the G4 fight with Genos is not included in the webcomic but you will see it in the manga.

A similar event is in chapter 44, the fight between suppon and sweet mask is missing in the webcomic but you will find it in the manga.

However, after chapter 47, there seems to be a great and notable deviation between the storyline.

There were different additions for each of them.

The differences are better explained when they are both in a similar storyline as seen in chapters 1 to 47.

Of course, there are more differences between manga and webcomic beyond chapter 47 but I feel it is best explained in the first 47 chapters when deviation had not been introduced.

Or do you have any noticeable difference between One Punch Man webcomic and manga that you would want to share?

Be kind enough to do just that.