Why panties sniffing is a common thing

You may as “Why is sniffing panties a thing?”

Read this post and you will find out exactly why.

Though lots of people don’t know that people actually sniff panties.

Most especially the male folks.

While this may sound disturbing for some people, it may sound awkward for some, and for the religious, it would sound demonic.

Well, if you have not heard it before, it happens and it is not a new thing.

As a matter of fact, the act of sniffing panties is becoming too common in recent times.

And we will like to understand why the sudden upsurge in this act.

If that is why you are reading this, then you are reading the right page right now.

If you are still surprised, you may keep the surprise and find out why sniffing panties is a thing today.

It is important we understand why anyone especially a male would sniff the panties of a female in the first place.

Well, you are thinking how can anyone do that when the panties are worn on cover the part of the female body believed to be dirty or smelly.

For many, they can’t even imagine taking a panty with their hand let alone bringing it close to their nose to smell it.

Here is why people sniff panties

One of the strong reasons people sniff panties is because it turns them on.

The smell makes them horny.

There are people who pay ladies to sniff their dirty or used panties.

While smelling a lady’s used parties may be socially unacceptable, it has lots to offer scientifically to men who get horny by it.

This is one reason people sniff panties.

It is worthy of note that the vagina smell that you may consider bad or unhealthy is actually a sign that the vagina is healthy.

Which is the key component that turns those men on.

Actually, the vagina releases pheromones called copulins and they are responsible for the attraction and s*xual urge the men get when they smell the panties.

And since the demand for s*x is on the increase these days, many young guys are using this to set themselves in the mood.

Sniffing a panty makes a man gets horny and he is ready to have s*x with whomever not necessarily the owner of the panties.

This is purely scientific and works.

This explains why some men would pay ladies to sniff their used panties.

Well, if it seems difficult for you to comprehend why sniffing panties enhances s*xual urge.

It is because panties actually house pheromones which is a smell signal for s*x.

The human pheromones found in ladies’ pants are called copulins.

This concept is well x-rayed in animals.

It is the reason you see animals put their nose at the buttocks of their partners.

Well, if you think this doesn’t work or make any sense, you should probably try an experiment on yourself.

Try to smell your partner’s panties.

Well if you can’t try panties, you can try out their clothes for a start.

The only issue is that it may not contain enough copulins which are what is really doing the job.

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