Why Jesus was a carpenter

The reason why Jesus was a carpenter is enclosed here.

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Then read through carefully so you get to find out why Jesus was a carpenter.

There are lots of questions people try to provide answers to about Jesus Christ.

A lot of them often come controversial because till today, not everyone believes he is a savior.

And for those that believe he is a savior, it feels somehow to discuss him as a normal person.

But the truth is, he lived a normal life and the Bible also confirmed this.

So, the question we are trying to answer in this piece is why Jesus was a carpenter.

Well, to answer any question about Jesus, two sure ways to provide the answer is either by going to the Bible or through the Jewish culture.

The culture has a way of opening our eyes to things that even the Bible is really silent about.

In mark chapter 6 between verses 2 and 3, we were able to establish the fact that he was actually a carpenter.

And if you read those verses, you will see how people were amazed that he being a carpenter was doing wonders.

The verse didn’t tell us why he was a carpenter.

At least no one can deny that he was a carpenter.

The first reason Jesus was a carpenter can be traced to the fact that his father was a carpenter.

This is verifiable from Matthew 13:55.

It is argued that he has been assisting his father while he was working.

This means that he must have learned the work because of the proximity to his father’s workshop.

He became a carpenter because he must have learned and also worked with his father on his father’s projects.

Although, it is important to note that Jesus was a carpenter was before his ministry years.

The moment he entered into ministry, there is no record that he ever worked as a carpenter.

He lived for 33 years and a half.

He must have spent time in the workshop before he started ministry at age 30 years.

So, it is understandable that he was called a carpenter since he may be involved in carpentry work with his father since a younger age.

Jesus being a carpenter was not to use it as a profession because he knew why he was born.

He did carpentry to assist his father and to while away the time till he was fully set into ministry.

There is no place in the Bible where it was stated that he chose to be a carpenter.

It was because he didn’t go into carpentry to make a living.

And that’s why it is not stated that he had a workshop of his own throughout the Bible.

Conclusively, Jesus was a carpenter only for the first part of his life before he started his ministry.

And he did it not to make money or make a living but to help his father as he carry out his business activities.

So, he was a carpenter because he was available to learn the work from his father.

No string attached to him being a carpenter.

That is why it was never stressed in the Bible.