Why doesn’t Voldemort have a nose? [See here]

This has been a question everyone is attempting to provide an answer to.

Why doesn’t Voldemort have a nose?

In a bid to provide an answer to this, there are several speculations and thoughts on what may have caused or the reason Voldemort doesn’t have a nose.

Let’s examine this in a closer view.

It is worthy of note that this dark lord was not born without a nose.

That means he had nose before, so the question really should be why or how he lost his nose.

But I think it should bother us a bit that he doesn’t have a nose, so how is he breathing?

That will be a question to be answered another time.

Let’s focus on the question at hand, Why Voldemort doesn’t have a nose.

It is not out of place to establish the fact that the answer to this question is not provided directly in any book or cinematic display.

The answers that we have are only inferred.

We shall discuss the ones that are close to the cause for the disappearance of the wizard’s nose.

Let’s get a closer look at the matter.

Voldemort may have become a scary-looking demon but he wasn’t from the beginning.

The real name is Tom Riddle.

He was actually a handsome guy before his involvement in dark magic.

So, how exactly did he become the horrible demon he looks like.

And how did he end up without a nose?

The loss of the nose may have been Lord Voldemort’s unintentional doing.

This may have resulted from his search for immortality.

In his search for immortality, he experimented with several magic and practices.

While searching for immortality, he found Horcruxes.

With this, he split his soul into eight.

His activities within this region are potent enough to alter his physical looks.

Also, it was gathered that the dark kingdom lord experimented with lots of dark magic and practices.

This includes taking portions and experimenting with their influences.

Speculations say he lost his body in the process.

To have a body, he created his own body.

This puts his loss of nose at his will.

Meaning he designed his nose that way.

Some attributed his loss of nose to the fact that he often transform into a snake following his rituals and dark magic engagements.

And since he doesn’t need that big nose like a snake, his continual changing into a snake has altered him.

The alteration has placed him without a nose.

Although this sounds tenable but I don’t think frequent changing into snake can disrupt the noise.

Well, so you ask if he actually lost his nose or if it disappeared.

If you look at the picture closely, you will see that the place where the nose is supposed to be is flat like there is no nose there.

But if you take a closer look at it, you will see that there are nostrils there.

This means there is a nose there but it is suppressed.

So he would still breathe normally but not like the nose that is known to us all.