Who was the white fang of the leaf in the Naruto anime

If you are a lover of anime, I am confident Naruto is not new to you, and if you are just getting started and you like to know this character in Naruto referred to as white fang of the leaf, that’s exactly what we want to look into very briefly.

Let’s begin!

Well, the person referred to as “White Fang” is Sakumo Hatake.

Another big question now is, who is Sakumo Hatake?

Sakumo Hatake is the father of Kakashi Hatake in Naruto.

His mother is unknown in the Naruto series.

His father is the only known relative but that doesn’t make him a one-man team.

There are other things to know about him…

The anime Naruto manga series by Masashi Kishimoto is the depute series for white fang.

He was originally made to be a very tough Teacher who has no regard for his students’ feelings or perceptions.

As the series goes on, he became more open and willing for his students.

That was so much that we began to a feminine version of the white gang.

Kakashi Hatake heads team 7 as their Teacher.

He was originally not committed to anyone but he began to care and show loyalty to both his friends and students for reasons we are unable to explain.

Possibly because the author was just experimenting with this character in the anime series.

His primary team members are the characters Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, and Sasuke Uchiha.

His name white fang must have come from his fighting skill and gift which is the white chakra saber.

With this white chakra saber, comes a white streak whenever it is swung, that’s where his white gang name originated from.

He defeated powerful opponents, hence he is regarded as a strong fighter of refute.

He was famous for his strength among other warriors.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t one of the surviving characters of Naruto.

He died but the question is, how come a great warrior with so much power died?

Here is how – During a particular mission, Kakashi Hatake changed the course of his action to care and rescue his team members.

He did this because the lives of his team members were in danger.

This act was what led to his death.

It was because he went against the standing rule which was to never abort mission irrespective of what they face in the process.

When his punishment was pronounced to be ostracized, he couldn’t face or deal with that.

So, he punished himself by committing suicide.

So as great as he was, he actually took his own life because he couldn’t face the shame of the punishment.

Although I think it was not just about the punishment that made him commit suicide but that he was scolded by all including the people he bend the rule to save.

Though it is an anime but the message in it is a strong one that can be seen even in our day-to-day living.

So a powerful person can be demoralized and lose the essence of living.

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