Who Savitar is and his powers

Savitar is a dark lord and the leader and founder of a criminal cult known as the Thunderbolt agents.

His real name is Barry Allen and he is often referred to as God of motion or the speed God.

Being the first to have connected to speed force made him have some exceptional speed abilities.

He is a metahuman with a difference.

Savitar is the first human to connect to the speed force.

Being the first man, he has a vast grip of power.

He was so effective with the use of power that he referred to himself as the ruler of the speed force.

The question is on what the power will be used for.

In this piece, we shall briefly discuss the power and its uses.

Savitar and his powers

One of his powers is the ability to move at a very high speed.

It is so high that while he moves, he is not visible by the human eye.

Even when light travels at 3300000000 m/s, it is somewhat visible how much more when it is not visible.

Think of what speed that would be.

Another great power of his is his ability to change course immediately while traveling at a great speed.

This ability makes it easy for him to maneuver suddenly and easily without issues even at a great speed.

That’s a superhuman ability too.

With this also comes his ability to do great and energy-tasking activities without issues.

He can carry super heavy items.

He can carry very weighty items with just one hand which reflects his superhuman ability in lifting heavy items.

Another great superhuman power of Savitar is the ability to self-produce light while traveling at a very high superhuman speed.

While traveling at a very high speed, his body produces a blue light for him to navigate through.

That is referred to as electrokinesis.

Also, Savitar can make himself invisible to others.

This is outside when he is on superhuman speed.

Although there are no explanations to how this is achieved by him he does that at will and that is a superhuman ability.

Furthermore, Savitar can overtake anyone’s actions and turn them into his puppets.

This is possible once he is able to establish a great connection with such a person so much that they are close.

He can then override their intention and make them do whatever he wants them to do.

It will surprise you to know that Savitar also has the ability to communicate with others telepathically.

This means he can speak to them and show them things that only the hearer can see and hear.

That means he can override their minds.

That’s a powerful tool.

Finally, I will like to add one more ability of the Savitar that shows he is superhuman the more.

It may interest you to know that even when Savitar runs with that superspeed and does things with these super abilities, his body does not show any form of fatigue from these activities.

That means even his body is superb in nature.