What Remitly is and how it works

You may have watched Remitly adverts on YouTube and other digital advertising platforms and want to know exactly what Remitly is and how it works.

This piece will share a lot about Remitly as well as how it works.

That’s what you want, right?

The more reason you must stay glued.

Remitly is an online payment gateway created with a vision to make payment and transfer of funds very easy and affordable.

The goal is on two things, to make it easy and affordable.

It is a financial digital solution to help people lower their transaction charges.

The design is deliberate as they have no physical office to enable them to lower the transaction charges.

Well, I know you are thinking about its authenticity since it has no physical office.

Well, it is and so far there has been no reported case of scam by anyone.

So, let your heart be at rest.

You can also check their reviews online but before you start checking reviews, let me show some details about them that will eventually make you forget going to read the reviews.

Remitly has a mobile app that is accessible to anyone who uses the play store or app store.

You can easily download the app and create an account for free.

Once You create an account, you are good to go.

I will advise you to take a moment to go through the dashboard of the app first to understand the layout and where to get things done.

Interestingly, Remitly can be used to send money from 17 countries at the moment.

There are 100 receiving countries and still counting.

For a comprehensive list of these countries, you may visit their website and see if the countries you normally send money are enlisted.

This shows you that the service is receiving acceptance across countries.

Remitly has limits on how much you can send.

This must have been put in place to avoid fraudulent activities.

The limits on how much you can send is on 24 hours, 30 days, and 180 days.

The amount is not generalized.

It is dependent on your location and the location of the recipient.

So, when you create an account you will be able to see the one that applies to you.

It may surprise you to know that you can actually increase the sending limit.

The interesting thing is that it is without paying for it.

You simply make a request and that can be done either on the app or website.

The request will be reviewed and you will get feedback in about 48 hours.

You can even do that 24 hours after you create your account.

Please note that sending limit increase may be rejected if the documents submitted are not clear enough or there is an error in the information you provided.

If a duplicate account is identified with your details or if any dubious act is detected, the raise in sending limit will not be granted.

You may need to read more about specifications on how to go about increasing the limit.

It is worthy of note that some locations have limits on how much you can receive.

You may need to check the FAQ section of their website to know if your country falls under this category and how much you can receive.

The system is also designed to inform the sender if the amount they try to send is higher than what the receiver can take.

There might be a particular question you wish to ask about Remitly, feel free to ask it in the comment and we’ll be glad to provide you with the solution.

Remember to read these tips to protect your Remitly account information.