What PS means in shoes

You may ask, what does PS mean in shoes?

This is exactly where to find out what that means.

If you have ever come across the term or designation PS while buying shoes and you are wondering what it may stand for or mean, you are reading the right piece.

Now, let’s dive right into the piece!

What does PS mean in shoes?

In the shoe buying and selling niche, the short form designated as PS stands for Preschool.

Within this niche, it is used to showcase the category of shoes for preschool children.

If you walk into a shoe store and you see PS, it means you wouldn’t find shoes for adults there.

All the shoes you will see in that section are for kids.

To properly understand this term, there is a need to know what preschool means in itself.

Meaning of preschool (PS)

Preschool is a period of time during a child’s growth when the child is not old enough to go to school for the first time.

From the word, it says “Pre” which literally means before.

So, in order words, it is before school.

This, therefore, means, kids within the age group that is not ripe for school yet.

Generally, people between the age bracket of one and twelve years are regarded as kids.

For preschool, it usually covers the age bracket of one and five years.

That means the kind of shoe you can find when you read PS shoes are shoes for kids of not more than five years.

It may sometimes extend to eight years too.

If you have followed through the piece, you would have discovered the term PS in the shoe is used to designate shoe sizes for kids.

So, it is all about shoe sizes for the kids that have not been to school before or those that are believed to fall into that category.

This may be different for different locations but none can exceed eight years.

Within the PS shoe categories, there are different shoe sizes as well.

I mean, you cant expect a two-year-old to wear the same shoe size as a four-year-old kid all other things being equal.

So, you need to find out which size you are going to buy.

Don’t just hit the store to buy PS shoes or else you may be confused and disappointed at the end of your buying exercise.

If we go by the Nike sneakers sizing, they have a breakdown of the PS shoe sizes from zero to three months old to about six years old.

Less than three months will wear not more than 2C size, six years will wear 3C-4C, while a year old will wear 5C-6C, eighteen months will wear 7C-8C, three to four years will wear 11C-12C and five to six years will wear 12C-13C.

Lastly, please note that shoe sizes are measured in different country metrics such as US, UK, etc.

So, as you understand what PS means in the shoe niche and you try to use the knowledge, please put the country measurement metric into consideration.

That will help you to get the appropriate shoe size within the PS shoe for the kid.