What is Kenpachi bankai Zarakis bankai in Bleach

Here is another great character in anime.

His name is Kenpachi bankai Zarakis bankai.

He is tall, muscular, and has green eyes.

His appearance alone can be frightening.

He is aggressively built.

So, you can say his appearance matches his personality.

He has an old thin scar on the left side of his face.

That has been there since his childhood.

That is one of the first things to notice when you see him.

Kenpachi bankai Zarakis bankai is a captain in Gotei 13.

To be precise, he leads the 11th division in Gotei 13.

He currently works with Ikkaku Madarame as his lieutenant in the team.

He wears a sleeveless captain dress with bandages across the midsection.

This was taken from the previous captain upon his defeat.

He wears other clothes that show that he is the captain too.

One of the great things I like about this guy is that he honors those that can defeat him.

He also honors those that can push him to his limit.

If you ask me, I think that is wisdom well displayed.

Being a champion and staying as a champion requires wisdom.

With wisdom, even the unskilled can emerge as a champion.

Kenpachi Bankai Zarakis Bankai is known to be very powerful.

He was first introduced as an enemy of the division sort of but as the series goes on, we began to see him play out his own selfish acts which in turn favors the division.

Although, he seems to have a poor sense of direction and that may have impacted his actions and views.

Rash decisions are paths of his origin sort of, so it is not unexpected.

It’s interesting to find out that Kenpachi is a man of battles.

He loves to fight.

In fact, he lives to fight.

There is a way he prolongs the fight to win and have fun.

He has the belief that death or injury is part of the bargain for a good fight.

So, his tactics though steady are one designed to battle his opponent to finish them if they fail to follow his path.

Let’s understand his path.

He loves the fight and he wouldn’t kill his opponent if he realizes he is too weak or injured to continue the fight.

He will stop the fight because to him, the fight is no longer interesting.

If the opponent continues to fight him in spite of the obvious, he would kill if he can.

His team is known to be the most bloodshedding division.

He did twice in Bleach.

I think his love for fights may have originated from his staying in district 80.

This place was a lawless community that surrounds the soul society.

His fighting skill can be traced to his unintentional training while living there.

He got his fighting tactics from there.

You can imagine living in a lawless state where you bail yourself out of issues with your fight competencies.

That is the man that can of society produce!