What does ft mean in text?

The short form ft is one of the common writings you will find around.

Like many other short forms of writing, it has meaning.

If you have seen ft in texts and you are wondering what it means, that’s exactly what this piece is all about.

So, we will be looking at ft being an abbreviation and the meaning locked in the abbreviation.

First, understand that “ft” has several meanings, and the meaning per time is dependent on the context or subject matter being discussed.

It, therefore, means ft means can only be understood based on context.

We shall look into the already known contexts and what ft means in those contexts so that if you find yourself in any of these, you can flow along.

Meaning of ft mean in text?

When you see ft in text, we need to begin with what the discussion is about before ending or getting to ft.

This is because ft can mean different things even in text.

This will be revealed by the way it is used in the text.

For instance, ft in a text could mean “f*ck that” and that can be used to show anger on something or express dissatisfaction over a topic being discussed.

Furthermore, ft in a text can also be used as a short form of “f*cking tonight” This is slightly different from the previously discussed meaning.

This can be used either as a question or just a normal statement.

Both have different meanings.

The question form is trying to find out if the recipient will be having s*x that night while the other may just be a statement of information telling the reader that the writer will be having s*x tonight.

FT meaning in the music industry

In the music industry, you are likely to see ft a couple of times.

It will usually come in between the names of artists in a particular song after the title of the song.

It is usually written as Neyo ft Usher and can be written as Neyo featuring Usher.

What this means is that the first artist whose name comes first before ft is the owner of the song and the second artist is a guest artist in that song.

In this context ft means featuring.

Also, when it comes to Apple apps, ft means something else entirely.

On Apple apps, ft is used to mean FaceTime.

This is an app on apple devices used for video calls by apple device users.

It is merely a platform that can be used to interact among apple device users through video calls.

So, if two apple device users exchange a text to meet on ft, it simply means they will have a video call through to continue their discussion.

If the discussion or context in which ft is written has to do with the media or news on finances, ft may be used to mean financial times.

In this regard, ft is a daily newspaper of repute with headquarters in London.

So, if you see ft in text in line with news and the media action, don’t disturb yourself, it financial times that is been referred to.

I hope this explains what ft means in texts?

Now you will not panic the next time you see it.