What do angels really look like? [EXPLAINED]

The discussion on angels has always brought some form of interest even by the less religious individuals in the society.

It appears everyone wants to have an idea of who they are, what they look like, and possibly how to interact with them.

So, in this piece, we will be addressing what angels really look like.

Whenever the statement on what angels look like comes up, it is used to refer to their physical appearance.

So, the question is what is the physical appearance of angels like?

The first thing you need to know is that angels are not as physical as we humans are.

Angels are spirits.

Therefore, angels do not have a definite physical structure like humans.

Since angels are spirits, they exist and live on a higher energy level.

On this level, things are not the same as it is on the physical level.

For you to have a view of what angels look like, you will need to be on the same level to see what they look like in their natural habitat.

In the spiritual realm, angels do not have the same structure or shape as most humans are.

In their realm, each angel has its unique structure.

Few people have reported their experience with angels.

Some have reported that they see angels as gigantic beings with very high voices.

While some other people have interacted with angels giving their report that they are not gigantic but normal human structures.

It is worthy of note that some people reported that in their experience with angels, they are unable to describe the structure of the angel, or how they look.

This is attributed to their inability to view the angel face to face during the encounter.

In the Bible where we see the appearance of angels to be people, the records show that they take the form of a human shape.

This is because it will make more sense to humans to see them in this light.

It is no news that if they appear in their real shape and state, many will not be able to see them, and the fear can make them pass out.

The collision of physical and spiritual realms always impacts the physical realm, and the outcome may not be favorable for the physical realm.

There is no particular shape of angels or how they look like.

Angels determine the shape or appearance that people will see when they are interacting with people.

So, we cannot really give a particular shape or description for angels.

An angel can appear or interact with two different people and both of them can tell a different story of what the angel looks like.

This is because the angel matches up with the understanding of the people they are interacting with.

Conclusively, It is difficult and improper to give a particular description as the general look of angels even if that is what you have seen.

Each person’s encounter with angels reveals angels in different ways.

Therefore, you can only share the way angels appear to you as your experience and not a general way to conceptualize angels’ look.