What Colitas means from the song Hotel California 1977

Out of curiosity, you might want to know the meaning of Colitas from the song Hotel California.

You may have listened to the song Hotel California and wondered what it all means and most especially the word used “Colitas” in the song.

Well, let’s take an adventure into the past together and unravel what it actually means.

Make sure you read through till the very end.

The song Hotel California was released in 1976 by the Eagles band.

A rock group of musicians who reigned very well in 1977.

It turns out to be their hit track in that year and it is still currently well appreciated at moment.

The was written by three people namely Don Felder, Glen Frey, and Don Henley.

Well, that may explain why it was a hit, three people cannot put their minds together and produce rubbish.

Since its release in 1976, the song has been reviewed by several people coming up with different meanings and explanations of what they think the song means or illustrates especially Hotel California.

Interestingly, Don Henley shared their meaning of the Hotel California with the rolling stone magazine in an interview that the song was written to share thoughts on the challenges of coping with the fame in Hollywood.

The word “Colita” used in the song is a Mexican Spanish word.

And it is used to mean little tailor little cola.

The question is, what does it have to do with the music, or does it have a particular thing it stands for?

Well, to understand this, we will need to refer to the popular statement “warm smell of Colita rising through the air” I am sure you would know where that is heading now.

Oh, forgive me, I just realized not everyone knows what the “warm smell of Colita rising through the air” means.

Well, it means the burning smoke of marijuana rising in the air.

You know when people take marijuana, the smoke will normally go up filling the entire place except if it is in an open space.

But if it is in an enclosed place, the place will gradually become warm as the smoke fills everywhere.

That means the Colitas mentioned in the song was referring to the act of marijuana and cigarette taking.

They both will produce smoke and they are part of the lifestyle in Hollywood.

So you see the struggle that is talked about in the song.

Rising through fame with all these things comes with a whole lot of challenges.

Once you begin to walk in this part, it is usually very difficult to get off the part.

Many times they think they are enjoying life by engaging in these things.

They drink and burn the smoke of marijuana for enjoyment and to get inspiration.

As they go deeper into this part, they begin to lose themselves and everything they have achieved through this path.

This is the challenge with the Hollywood world.

The best will be never to engage in these acts but then they want to feel among and that is the greatest problem.