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What are the female Korean beauty standards?

The statement that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder is true.

What some may disregard as unpretty is what someone else adores as the ultimate beauty.

So, in this piece, we shall take a look at the standards or what people regard as what female beauty means in Korea.

In Korea, female beauty requirements are a bit different from the rest of the world.

This has influenced the fashion and other beauty enhancement products that sell in Korea.

Female beauty standards in Korea place lots of emphasis on a youthful look and a slim body.

So, there is a high focus on the face.

Let’s take a good look at the face requirement on which true female beauty rests in Korea.

The face of a female that will be regarded as beautiful must be small.

The small face is believed to make the female younger.

This is the idea behind the small face.

Not only does the face need to be small, but it should also come with an oval shape to make it perfect.

On the small face, there are other standards.

This includes a small pointed nose, small eyes, and straight eyebrows.

Imagine these features on a small oval face, it will eventually blend with the small face making it an attractive combination.

These three are requirements that can further enhance a youthful look in females and a slimmer face. Some women engage in surgery to get this achieved.

Furthermore, the face is expected to have a jaw with a “V” shape.

This V-shaped jawline is either made possible with makeup or by surgery for those who do not have it.

V-line surgery used for jaw and chin reduction and zygoma (cheekbone reduction) are two common surgeries done to achieve this.

Apart from surgery, jawline sheet masks and chin straps are used to achieve these results.

The mouth is expected to be small with plump lips.

Notice that the plumpy lips do not mean that the mouth should be big.

It is worthy of note that the two lips should not be plump the same way.

The bottom lip should be plumper than the upper one.

The lip line is expected to be facing up as a major requirement on the lips in the Korean beauty standard.

This is usually achieved with a little work on the lips called lip effects.

Though there is a lot of attention on the face, there are other requirements that are not about the face.

The skin is expected to be pale.

This originates from culture and a belief that those with pale skin are well to do.

This pale skin must be without wrinkles and spots.

They achieve and keep this with UV protection creams.

They use skin whitening creams and wear certain garments that help to prevent sun rays.

If you can achieve the above-listed features, you will pass for a Korean true definition of beauty.

Though it is hard to achieve as you grow, lots of females who want to remain in shape and other features spend a fortune to remain beautiful based on these standards.