UPS truck driver salary

After reading through this post, you will know the UPS truck driver salary.

This will help you determine whether or not to apply as a UPS truck driver after knowing exactly how much they earn.

United Parcel Service is a well-known American shipping and logistics company with a worldwide presence.

It was originally called the American Messenger Company following its establishment in 1907.

Interestingly, it is the largest courier company in the world presently.

In this piece, we will be looking at the salary scale/structure of the UPS truck drivers.

For UPS, the truck drivers are the key people taking the parcels and orders around to get them delivered.

So, drivers are key as far as UPS is concerned.

They are not viewed the same way some organizations view them.

Note that UPS drivers are actually trained, accessed, and they must pass the assessment before they can be assigned to UPS trucks.

Driving is serious business here.

Like many organizations, UPS drivers are placed in ranks and the rank is what determines their pay.

However, a UPS driver gets between $12000 and $127000 per year.

What determines their pay is their longevity at work, their safety history, and conduct at work.

These are important promotion criteria when the time comes.

An average UPS truck driver receives an hourly pay of about $22 to $33.

This is also location determined.

I really don’t know why but it seems they put environmental factors into the pay because an average of $21.68 is what a UPS truck driver gets in California while they get about $20.81 in Dallas.

Even though they work for the same organization, it appears the environment influences the salary.

There is a progression of pay for UPS truck drivers based on the duration they have spent with the business.

This begins with $20.50 for those who have not worked beyond one year.

Those who have worked for 2 years get an approximate $21.25 per hour while those in the 3 years band get $22.75 per hour.

Those who get $25.00 per hour must have worked for 4 years.

Some top-rated drivers get as much as $30.64 per hour.

After 4 years, it is possible to get up to $40 per hour.

With this, you can check out what the monthly income and yearly income will be.

This also means that you will need to check out the salary for UPS truck drivers in your location.

The details we used above are for the United States and since UPS is a global company, it may vary in other locations where UPS is present.

It will only be nice of you if you have this information for other countries and you are willing to share the information.

This is because the best way is to get it from someone who works with UPS in your location if you can get one.

UPS truck driver requirements

If you are looking forward to joining the UPS truck drivers team, you must have passed 21 years of age with no road or traffic offense in the last three years.

This is the minimum requirement in the United States, you may need to check out the requirements in other locations.

Once you meet these specifications, you simply apply and if you are enrolled for the driver training, take it seriously because that is what will determine whether you will get the job or not.

Now you know the salary structure of a UPS truck driver, so what is your opinion?

Let’s hear you.