Typical German facial features

Once you know the typical German facial features, you can identify them from any part of the world.

As you go around the world, you would meet different people of all ages, colors, sizes, etc.

One of the things people desire is to know as much as possible everything about people they meet at first glance.

Well, that’s possible and that’s what we want to examine in this piece.

Let’s discuss the typical German facial features so that when you see one, you will be able to identify.

There are always speculations about how certain groups of people or nationalities look or what they do.

That may arise from studying or seeing people in that class behave or look in certain ways.

As more of them act or look that way, it silently becomes their identity by which people call or refer to them.

So, for the Germans, there are things people have discovered that make it easy to spot a German.

Although it may be impossible to classify a group of people with certain features or to name them with those features because even in an ethnic group, there are diversities.

But what is usually done is to use the most dominant features visible to all and sundry.

Therefore the features you read here are not the only features of a German’s face.

You could even come across a German that may be different.

German facial features to look out for easy identification

One of the most common facial features of a German is the broad forehead.

If you take a list of their Actors, you will find out that a good number of them have broad foreheads.

The forehead is the space between the eyebrow and where hair begins normally in front.

For a lot of German, it is broad.

Think about the Germans that you know and try to see if they have it.

Another facial feature of German that is common to them is the rectangular face.

If you take out time to check out all your German friends and the German actors that you know, most of them would have rectangular-shaped faces.

You know what a rectangular shape is, it has either the length or breadth longer.

One of them is longer than the other.

Also, when you look at the faces of Germans around, you will find a good number of them with wide jaw.

The jaw is the inside part of the mouth where the teeth are.

This is not to mean that they have big mouths but you will see that they do have wide jaws.

Note that the wideness is determined by the size of the face as a whole.

So what is small for one would be wide for another.

Furthermore, from observation, I discovered that most Germans have small lips.

They don’t usually have big lips or maybe it is the Germans I have seen in general.

It is just my personal observation, you can make your observations too known.

That makes me appreciate God for His wonderful works of creation.

Finally, it has been identified by many that most German are pale-skinned.

While I may not really agree with this because I feel it’s how you take care of your skin.

Well, there are more facial features based on people’s observation but these are the more pronounced features of the German faces.

Which other German facial feature do you know?