TV stations considered as conservative news channels

It may be tough categorizing TV stations considered as conservative news channels considering there are millions of TV stations across the globe.

TV stations operate based on the niche they focus on.

Examples of the different niches that they focus on include but are not limited to music, movie, documentary, news, etc.

In this piece, we shall be looking at TV stations that are considered conservative news channels.

First, we need to understand what it means to be a conservative news channel.

There are several news channels that are known for their quality news broadcast.

Conservative news channels are TV stations that still hold high respect for cultural views, philosophy, and values.

Though they are news stations but this will be evident in the kind of people that listen to them.

— Fox News

The real official is fox news channel shortened as FNC but it is commonly referred to as Fox news.

It was founded in 1996 and it is the first to come to mind when listing the conservative news channels in America.

It is owned by Fox news media, which is an arm of Fox corporation.

It is acknowledged to be the most conservative news channel in America at the national level.

— One America News Network

One America News Network is a reputable news channel often called OANN for short.

It was launched in 2013.

The TV station is known to air talk shows and newscasts that are conservative in nature.

At its launch, it became a serious rival with fox news.

Unlike some TV stations, they have conservative commentators and talk shows.

— Newsmax TV

This is an American TV station that is owned and managed by Newsmax media.

It is a well-known conservative news channel.

The station has an opinion-based style of broadcasting.

So, it often broadcast news and talk show during the day and at night.

During the weekend, it often broadcast films and documentaries.

It was founded on 16th June, 2014.

— The First

It was launched in 2019, and it joined the list of conservative TV news in America.

It is known as The First TV.

It is known to host conservative opinion shows and commentary talk shows.

It was launched on Pluto TV.

This is a streaming platform owned and managed by ViacomCBS.

While the news channels listed above are national TV stations in America.

The national news channels, there are other conservative news channels that are not national television stations.

They are local television stations.

The news stations owned and managed by Sinclair Broadcast Group fall under this category.

Sinclair Broadcast Group has about 193 local stations across America.

They are all known to be conservative too but may not be very popular as the likes of Fox news.

Some of the television stations owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group include MeTV, This TV, Estrella TV, MyNetwork TV, NBC, etc.

Though this piece may not give you an exhaustive list of all conservative news channels in the world, it is meant to give you some and make you understand them a bit.

I hope the piece has served this purpose for you.

You can also be a part by leaving some of the conservative news channels you know that did not make it to this list.