Things to consider before buying a graphics tablet

Technology has transformed the way we work.

It has made things convenient for us.

Just think about it for a second.

What would the world do without technology?

Today, you can call your family, friends, and colleagues from the comfort of your home.

Similarly, service providers like Cox customer service have changed the game when it comes to cable television. 

The same can be said for arts and design.

Technological advances have paved the way for tools like graphics tablets.

You no longer need a brush or a pencil for illustrations.

Graphic tablets provide all the benefits plus more you normally get from a traditional art kit.

That said, this blog is your ultimate guide to choosing the right graphic tablet.  

What Is a Drawing Tablet?

A graphics tablet or a drawing tablet is a tool that helps users draw on a screen.

The biggest advantage of a drawing tablet is that it provides greater precision as compared to the traditional sketchbook.

All graphics tablets come with a touch screen.

Drawing tablets are much easier to use.

You can perform multiple tasks like painting, illustrating, and animating on a graphics tablet.  

Its uses 

Both graphics tablets and traditional sketchbooks allow users to illustrate.

This is the basic purpose of every sketch tool.

However, graphics tablets are much more advanced and come with additional tools like touch screens and a stylus.

Traditional sketchbooks comprised of papers and papers are exhaustible.

Drawing tablets, on the other hand, do not use traditional paper or pencil.  

It is a digital tool that comes with added benefits.

The surface of the drawing tablet is touch-sensitive.

This is why you can illustrate with greater precision on a graphics tablet.

Moreover, graphics tablets come with a pen or a stylus instead of a mouse. This pen serves lets the user map useful surfaces or areas during illustrations and painting.  

It is worth mentioning here that not all graphics tablets come with a drawing pen.

This is because not every drawing tablet supports digital pens.

You may have to purchase a graphics tablet and a pen separately.

Moreover, you should be able to differentiate between a graphics tablet and an interactive monitor.

Drawing tablets let you share its capabilities with other devices.

Interactive monitors, on the other hand, only let you design and illustrate.

What to know before choosing a drawing tablet?

Many people purchase graphics tablets due to their design and features.

It is advisable to consider the intended use before buying a drawing tablet.

For example, if your purpose is to refine and digitize your signatures then you should go for the simplest model.

On the other hand, if you work for a photo agency then you should go for a high-end model.  


You should take into account the size of the drawing tablet you want to purchase.

The size of the tablet refers to the user area or surface.

There are four main types when it comes to the size of a digital tablet: Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large.  

  • Small Tablets: These drawing tablets are usually 105 x 148 mm in length. Best for notes and signatures.  
  • Medium Tablets: They are 210 × 148 mm in length. They are great for beginners of digital illustration.  
  • Large Tablets: These tablets come in a 297 × 210 mm size. Great for retouching and mixed-use illustration.  
  • XL Tablets: These digital tablets are 420mm x 297mm in length. Best for animation studios.  

Screen resolution 

The screen resolution of a drawing tablet refers to the number of lines per inch.

We recommend getting a tablet that will let you draw 2,500 lines per inch.

This is pretty much an acceptable resolution when it comes to drawing.  

Pressure sensitivity  

The pressure level of a digital tablet determines the line thickness as well as color intensity.

Tablets with higher pressure levels provide users with more control over the intensity of colors.

Professional tablets come with up to 80 levels of inclination.

In case you purchase a tablet with 2048 pressure points, you will be able to draw up to 2048 shades of different colors.

Stylus compatibility 

You won’t be able to get the most out of a drawing tablet without a touch pen.


Because the stylus accounts for 50% of the experience.

It is advisable to get a stylus that is compatible with your drawing tablet.

The best ones are the official models.