TD Bank Swift code | How to get swift code of any branch

TD Bank Swift code

If you want to know TD bank swift code, then this post is for you.

In this post, I will not only share with you the TD bank swift code but will also share with you how to get the swift code of any branch.

Until you read through this post, you will not know how you can find your TD group US holding LLC bank branch swift code or of any other United States banks swift code.

In one of the recent researches I made, I found a dynamic website which helps people to find a swift/BIC of any bank of any branch in the world.

I know you can’t wait to get your TD Bank Swift code so let’s get right into it.

How to get TD bank swift code of any branch

In the course of this post, we’ll be using a website to check for the swift code.

Of course, I said that earlier at the beginning of this post.

The website address is

Visit this website and on getting to the homepage of the site, you just have to tap on the “swift code” option at the menu bar of the site.

In the menu bar, there are many options there.

But for the course of this post, you are only clicking on the swift code option since that is what you want.

After click on the option “swift code” there will be so many options so what you have to do is to select your country.

The countries are categorized by continents, so you will have to select your country appropriately.

You can select the United States, depending.

So after selecting your country, the next thing you will have to do is to select your bank institution name.

Most of the banks are already there so all you will need to do will be just selecting the one that is appropriate.

Then you’ll have a list of all the list of the banks that available in the selected country.

So what you have to do is to search your bank name.

You can select Bank of America that if you are in the United States and the bank you want is Bank of America.

After selecting the bank name, the page will reload and then it will provide you an option to select your city name.

You will be given the city names in the options to choose from.

So all you have to do is you have to select your city.

Select any of the cities that suit you.

Once the city name is selected, the page will reload again and then it will provide you the swift code.

It will also show you the branch name and the branch address.

So a quick recap using this website to find your TD bank swift code

  • Select your country
  • Select your bank name
  • And then select your branch

So basically, that is how to find Swift/BIC code.

Do you have an alternative way of finding TD bank swift code of any branch?

Please share it with us.