Shein reviews 2023: Is Shein legit?

Heard of Shein and you are scared to order from there?

So, you want to know whether or not the platform is legit.

Well, I understand, no one wants to waste or lose money.

This piece is written to provide you with all you need to know about Shein and by the end of this piece, you will know whether Shien is legit or not.

Let’s begin by establishing the fact that Shein is a Chinese fashion manufacturer.

Interestingly, Shein though a Chinese company but a global brand with networks to ship orders to more than 220 countries in the world.

I trust you don’t know that they can ship to that number of countries across the globe.

Otherwise, you won’t be asking for Shein reviews to determine whether they are legit or not.

A brief history of Shein shows that the company started in Nanjung, China as far back as 2008.

It was originally called SheInside.

An American-born University graduate named Chris Xu bought it in 2012 and renamed it to what we call it today.

It was built on the philosophy that great fashion can be made available at a cheaper rate.

So the mission is to provide trendy fashion at an inexpensive price.

This should show you that Shein has been around for a while.

It is no news that longevity is not the only thing used to determine whether a business legit or not.

Although we have seen the great network it has to deliver orders in more than 220 countries with the fact that it has been around since 2008.

It is also clear that in this close to 14 years of her existence, Shein has served millions of people across the globe.

That has brought in several great reports about how they do business.

Also, shein is not just doing well in creating networks or just being around for a while for nothing, their finance shows that they are doing well.

2 years ago, after going through a valuation, they were well discovered to be worth more than $15 billion.

Isn’t that great?

Their yearly revenue is not made public but it is estimated to be worth $10 billion locally.

This means that even the finance is attesting to the fact they are legit.

The way Shein works is that they help to produce an imitation of high-quality clothes and sell for a lower price.

The moment you place an order, it will take about 4 days to get it ready for shipping.

The shipping address is what determines when you finally get your order.

They have fulfillment centers in 220 countries of the world.

Their main warehouse is in Hong Kong.

With these warehouse and fulfillment centers in place, orders are well taken care of within the shortest time.

With this, I believe you are certain now as to whether or not Shein is legit.

But of course, a business with this history and mode of operation has proven beyond reasonable doubt that they are in for business.

Such a business as this can not be categorized as a scam.

If you encounter any challenge, you may reach out to their customer service for assistance.

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