Scooty driving tips to learn riding a scooter

When you choose to start driving a scooter, you need to be aware that there are safety tips you need to adhere to especially if you are new to this.

Scooter seems to be the most economic means of transportation but they can also be the most dreadful when you consider its accident.

Here are a few driving tips to keep in mind:

Before you go near your scooter, please be sure that you are not drunk.

Just like it is advised for driving cars, do not drink and drive.

The same thing applies here.

Imagine someone that is drunk on a scooter, that will be a disaster that is about to happen somewhere.

The problem is that it will affect others.

If you are new to driving a scooter, please start learning and driving in a place free of traffic first.

Only move to places with traffic when you have attained some level of knowledge.

This is for your safety and that of other pedestrians.

Also, as a newbie, avoid driving your scooter during rush hour.

This is not just for newbies alone, if you are yet to get your balance while driving the scooter, please avoid driving the rush hour whether or not it is a place with high traffic.

It is advisable that you drive slowly whether you are learning or you are already a pro.

This is because anyone can run into you without you even knowing they are coming to your direction.

If you are driving slowly, the accident will be minimal if you are not able to maneuver.

This is a precaution.

Anytime you want to drive whether for practice or normal movement, please do with a helmet.

Never drive a scooter without wearing a helmet on your head.

This is to protect you from hitting your head on anything just in case of an accident.

Your head should be protected because of the way a scooter accident often looks like.

By all means, avoid anything that can get you distracted while you set to drive a scooter.

Don’t overlook happenings around or object as you pass by them.

Be focused on your movement to avoid getting distracted.

Distraction can lead to a ghastly accident that can put you and other people in danger.

Before you get on a scooter to drive it, make sure all parts are in good condition.

This may include breaks, tires, horns, mirrors, etc.

Check each time you want to take a ride.

That may not take more than 10 minutes to do a proper check.

The check is worth it because you are securing your life and that of others with that check.

Lastly, if while you are driving you lose control, be calm and allow the scooter to fall after which you jump off it.

In such instances, don’t try to protect the scooter rather seek your protection first.

Your life is worth more than the scooter.

You are likely to get yourself wounded if you try to protect the scooter first.

Rules for riding a scooter or motorcycle

Riding a geared or ungeared scooter or motorcycle involves more than just riding it.

Let me simplify it into a few simple rules that everybody can understand.

Rule 1 — As stated earlier, wear a helmet; your head needs it whether you are learning to ride, need to remember what you learned, or want to practice what you learned. Wear it for your own safety, not just because you are mandated to do so.

Rule 2 — If you are learning to ride, choose a place that is wide open and practice negotiating corners and, most importantly, how to do a U-turn. Riding a motorcycle is more than just going “only” in a straight line. Find some cones or stones and place them appropriately so that you can set up scenarios and learn how to enjoy riding rather than being afraid when you actually hit the road.

Rule 3 — Always be aware of your surroundings, prepare for what is coming your way, and consider what might strike you even if it doesn’t. There is no greater risk than turning off your mind while thinking you want to move from point A to point B. So, focus on what you’re doing. All of your senses, including the sixth, will be used when riding a motorcycle.

Rule 4 — Never push yourself past your comfort zone or for nothing. You are driving down the street and believe that everyone is a zombie, an idiot, brain dead, or whatever else makes you happy. Keep in mind that happiness is essential to survival.

Rule 5 — In India, remember to “KEEP LEFT,” “GIVE WAY,” and to be patient. This is particular to scooters in India.

Rule 6 — Always slow down when approaching a crossroads, remembering that even though you have the right of way, others do, too, so there is no harm in allowing others to pass. It is much preferable to everyone getting caught in traffic for several hours.

Rule 7 — Always let them know what you’re about to do. Make use of your turn signals.

Rule 8 — Check your mirrors, look ahead, be aware of your vehicle’s limitations, and determine how much room you need to overtake someone in order to survive another day before overtaking them. When negotiating a turn, DO NOT OVERTAKE, and DO NOT OVERTAKE if you feel you shouldn’t.

Rule 9 — Your horn button won’t speak for you or move you through a gridlock. So only horn when absolutely necessary. Furthermore, “ALWAYS” stop for pedestrians who want to cross the street.

Rule 10 — Know your vehicle inside and out. Do not assume that your motorcycle’s mechanic is the only one who should know everything about it. If you are lost in the middle of nowhere, knowing what you are riding will really come in handy.

Rule 11 — Remember that batteries do not last forever and will eventually die so if you ride a scooter with an electric start, learn to kick start the scooter.

Rule 12 — I want to believe you know what RED, GREEN, and YELLOW/ORANGE/AMBER traffic light means.

Well, if you do not know, the RED light means that you have to stop, while the GREEN light means that you can go.

YELLOW/ORANGE/AMBER while approaching the traffic light means you should release the throttle, slow down and stop.

But if while waiting at the traffic light, the YELLOW/ORANGE/AMBER means you should get ready to move.

Disobeying the traffic light will only put your life at risk for no reason.

The few seconds used to wait at the traffic light have never been reported making someone anything.

It is your responsibility to obey the traffic rules.

This is also an opportunity to make those traffic wardens inhale your vehicle exhaust fumes while you chill inside.


I hope you understand what I mean by this. Because riding a motorcycle requires more than just going for it.

The goal is to make the experience enjoyable and secure for both you and those around you. It’s addictive to ride motorcycles. So much fun cycling. Keep yourself safe while you are riding.