Reasons why some men sniff panties

I should have titled this article “why men sniff panties” but I do not want to generalize panties sniffing to all men.

While some men sniff panties, some do not.

Panties sniffing is a thing these days for some men and this post will share some of the top reasons why some men sniff panties.

I’m sure you really want to find this out so you can have your curiosity satisfied.

Which partner sniff panties?

This act is usually noticed by female partners.

If as a lady you were going on a date with someone for the first time and you eventually had to have a good time together and the male partner sniffed your panties, you may be shocked and forced to inquire why he sniffed your panties.

Here is the story of a 33-year-old woman who recently noticed her husband sniffing her panties:

“I am a 33-year-old married woman.

I have been married for almost ten years and lately, in the sexual area, it has been difficult for me to keep the flame of passion alive.

It mortifies me that I have seen my husband sniff my panties several times.

I have surprised him looking in the laundry basket and I even think I have lost several items.

He denies it and is always looking for an excuse, but I’ve seen him do it so many times now that I’m afraid he’s a pervert.”

And now the big question:

Reasons why men sniff panties

The sexologist and therapist Galen Fous, assures that the vaginal odor is a sexual attraction for many men.

This could be the reason some men smell panties.

Why does it happen?

The smell that this area of ​​your body gives off awakens the most primitive side of the male gender.

The chemical reaction caused by the pheromones is what prompts them to have s*x.

There are studies that prove that they are more attracted to women during their fertile periods because that is the moment in which they produce more pheromones.

Another reason is related to the fetishisms and hobbies that men develop when their sexual life begins to develop.

Contrary to what many think, v*ginal odor is one of the biggest attractions for most men.

However, many women are ashamed of their vaginal odor and use any type of product to deal with v*ginal smell: perfumed soaps with the scent of flowers, fruits, in short, anything that prevents the smell that your body gives off naturally, without having any idea of ​​what it is that men are crazy about your natural v*ginal smell.

Many Women Dislike Their Natural Smell

Sexology expert Amanda Luterman talks in depth about this topic.

She assures that women believe that our vagina has an unpleasant odor, when in fact it is a one hundred percent natural and normal smell.

“She’s not supposed to smell like skin, or an arm or an eyebrow. She’s supposed to smell like the inside of a person and she does.”

She points out.

Luterman highlights the fact that, in reality, there is no specific scent for the female intimate area, this being very characteristic and depending on each person, but in the end, it smells like what it is: a vagina.

At this point she addresses a very important topic, the fear that some women feel of causing “displeasure” to men in intimacy, this is caused by the confusion between hygiene and vanity that she currently afflicts.

With so many products on the market telling you that you need soap to hide your smell, you come to think that taking it naturally is against nature when the real contradiction is exposing such a delicate area to harmful chemicals.

The same experts maintain that the vagina cleans itself naturally and that drinking plenty of water and having good cleaning habits is enough to keep our intimate area in perfect condition, and they also add that men are actually attracted to the natural smell of the v*gina.

So feeling shame is a hopeless case.

Men love your natural v*gina smell

According to Galen Fous, a sex educator, the feminine smell is an aphrodisiac for men because it releases a large number of hormones responsible for s*xual attraction.

Leaving aside the taboo of s*xuality and returning to the natural act of reproduction, we can understand that our v*gina smells this way because we are biologically designed to do so.

Do not have the idea that your intimate area should smell like flowers, fruits, or anything else.

Nature is wise and it is unacceptable that you alter with chemical products what your body releases naturally.

Tips to maintain v*ginal odor

There are women who think that the smell of their intimate area is unpleasant.

That can be for some reasons that are in your hands to solve: it is usually altered due to the use of tight panties.

So the best thing you can do so that your smell does not change is to wear clothes with more ease and always remember that your intimate clothes should be made of cotton and light colors.

The wrong use of hygiene products also tends to alter the natural smell of your v*gina.

For that reason, it is important that you clean yourself with unscented soaps.

Ironically, the more scented the products you cleanse your crotch with, the worse it is for your pH.

In the event that the odor persists despite the fact that you have made the changes that we suggested above, it is best that you go to your gynecologist.