Meaning of love loves quote by John Joyce

Do you know what love loves quote by John Joyce means?

You will find out in this post.

A quote is another way of conserving the thoughts of men who have lived in time past.

Many times, it is used to convey words of deeper thought parts from generation to generation.

Just like we have in this quote of concern.

We are looking at a quote from John Joyce about love.

Let’s unravel the thoughts.

John Joyce writes that love loves.

So, what does this means?

Well, quote to are works of art.

Sometimes it is explained beyond the original intention of the speaker or writer.

It depends on how large or small you picture your words of the quote.

That means quotes can be analyzed beyond the tentacles of the initial author’s mind.

The phrase “love loves” has been examined over the years and in the anals of review, many people believe that the first word “love” is a personality.

Being a personality, it could be anyone.

It may be showing the speaker or someone else.

But it is reflecting someone and there is no doubt about this.

For easier comprehension, you may also replace the first word “love” with a name and hear how it sounds in your ear.

Or simply replace it with the word “I” and you will have a feel of what it is standing for.

These two exercises show that the first word “love” stands for a person and not the art of liking someone as some will rush to conclude.

Apart from seeing the first love as a personality, it also silently expresses how love functions if you balance it with the second word that follows.

It is just like you are saying the nature of love is to love.

That is another way to rephrase it in that line.

It is a way of revealing the nature of love as if to mean that the word love is derived from the act of love.

Furthermore, the second word “loves” shows something interesting.

It shows what the first word does.

It’s actually the action word in the sentence.

Yes, it’s a sentence.

Don’t be confused.

A sentence has more than one word that collectively makes meaning and this one has two words that make a unified meaning.

The second word shows personalized love loves.

Another important thing you need to see with the second word is that will give you more idea of what the personalized love is doing how he did love.

The second word is “loves” which is the continuous present tense.

That means the personified love is still loving.

It is an act of love that has not ended.

Whatever or whoever he loves, he is still loving it.

With these two interpretations, you will realize that they both move in the same direction.

The major difference is that one shows that love is being personified and that the other reveals it as love showcasing its attribute.

So it means it is all about love.

Whether you look at it as personified love or love attribute really doesn’t pull much strings so far that you understand the weight of love being described in the sentence.