Meaning of Destination Scan on UPS

Meaning of Destination Scan on UPS

If you have run a check for your package with the UPS tracking system and you got a destination scan response, you don’t need to panic.

It is merely sending a message across.

That is what we are about to explore in this piece.

Let’s get to it right away!

Destination Scan on UPS

First, the destination Scan on UPS shows that your package is not far from you and you may be getting it in less than 24 hours.

What it means specifically is that your package has arrived at the UPS facility from where it will be taken for delivery to you.

In other words, it has reached its last stop before delivery.

It means that with this result in your tracking, the next thing will be to have your package at your location but not so fast.

There are still a few things you need to know that will determine how soon you get your package especially if you will get it within 24 hrs or not.

At least that tracking information tells you everything is working fine.

There are still two more steps before your package will be dispatched to you.

The next status you need to see is called a departure scan.

Once you see this, it means that the package is on the way to your location for delivery.

So, it means that the destination scan is third to the last status before you get your package delivered to you.

You are wondering what status will come again since your package is on the way.

Well, the next status you should expect is an arrival scan.

You get this when the package arrives at your location.

I am sure that will be good news for your ear.

But that is not all, just one more step.

That one step is in the last status.

The last status comes up when you have received your package in your hands and signed all appropriate papers that indicate it was delivered.

Then the status will change to deliver.

I am sure you don’t really care about the status anymore once you receive your package.

After all, it was the package that made you keep checking from time to time to know the current status.

It is worthy of note that you can still get your package delivered the same day you get the destination scan on one condition.

That will be dependent on when you get the destination scan.

I mean the time of the day.

If you get it before 9 am during the week.

That is before the dispatch bus is loaded to move to your location.

Hopefully, it will carry your package.

Note that your package can have several arrival scans depending on where it is coming from.

Arrival scans are used to indicate that the package has arrived at a particular UPS depot per time until reaches the final destination where it ought to be delivered.

Interestingly, it will have only one destination scan.

And the arrival scan after the destination scan is the last.

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