List of Anime to watch in 2022 [Very Interesting Animes]

A lot of people watch anime but most of the time you run out of the idea of the anime to watch.

That’s why I’m sharing with you this list of Anime to watch in 2022.

It’s a list of Anime to watch in 2022 but it’s not listed in a bullet format so you might want to read carefully between the lines to have an idea of the Anime to watch.

It’s a new year and brings in a lot of new things including new anime to watch.

There are new and returning anime to engage yourself and help you enjoy every bit of the moment.

So, let’s take a look at some that will be of interest to you;

If you have watched “the case study of vanitas”.

Well, the return is here and it will be premiered on 14 January.

It’s produced by the bones studio and it centers around the genre supernatural, magic and, drama.

The storyline is about vampires and how human doctor tries to cure them of vampire nature.

You will definitely enjoy this.

I am sure you would have looked out to see the “attack on Titan (the final season) part 2″.

Well, the Mappa studio has done it again.

It premiered on January 9.

So, don’t waste any more time, grab it and watch it.

This is the concluding part so you won’t need to wait for another after this.

You already know the genres it falls under which are fantasy, adventure, drama, and action.

Another return to watch this year is “Battle spirit: the core bearers”

This premiered on 13th January.

This is the ninth of its TV installment so you can expect a great turnout of fights and fun.

The genre falls under is fantasy and adventure.

It is produced by Bandai Namco pictures studio.

It promises to be great.

Another anime to check out is “Cue!”

This is about young women making their dreams real.

If you love adventure, you will definitely love this one.

It was premiered on January 7.

So quickly grab yourself a copy to enjoy it.

It is produced by Yumeta Company and Graphinica studios.

You can be sure it will be a great collaboration.

You love sport and you love anime, I have a perfect combination for you that will thrill you.

It’s an anime called “Futsal Boys” It is well packaged by Diomedea studio and I can assure you that it will make the moment lighter.

It’s all about boys playing futsal and blends it with the joy of playing the game.

All I can say is that it will definitely worth the time.

For those that love a blend of action, supernatural, and historical genres, you will love “Fantasia sango: the realm of legends”

Most people love this blend of genres.

It was premiered on January 10 and I can tell you that it is worth your time.

You see lots of battles and demon fights here.

It is well packaged by Geek Toys studio.

You will love it.

For now, these are great animes to watch that will definitely make your day.

Note that 2022 is just starting so there are more animes that will still evolve as the year unfolds.

Even at the moment, there are more anime than we have listed here.

But one thing about the ones we listed for you is that you will enjoy them.

That is a promise!

Do you know other Animes to watch in 2022 that have not been listed here?

Be kind enough to share them in the comment.