Kegura — is it a safe online store or scam?

The last I talked about Kegura was about its return policy.

Today, we’ll find out whether Kegura is a safe online store or scam.

Kegura is an online store where people can order and purchase pieces of jewelry and clothes.

So, if you are a jewelry fan it might be a place to check out their collection.

Kegura prides itself to be using global domestic shipping to deliver purchased goods worldwide, this means they are a global brand.

The question borders on whether or not Kegura is safe or a scam.

Before we go into whether or not Kegura is legit, it is pertinent to understand the platform first.

The platform sells her jewelry and clothes in different categories which include Pendants, bracelets, rings, watches, chains & chain sets, sunglasses, and Apparel.

If these are your search online and you think of buying from Kegura, read through this piece before you go ahead.

When it comes to confirming whether or not a business is legit or not, there are a few ways to go about it.

One great way to do this is to look out for reviews of previous clients or customers who might have bought from them.

You can blend this with the reviews of the current users to determine whether or not they scam people.

There must be at least someone who has tried to buy from them or someone that knows those who tried to buy from them.

From people’s reviews on their brand, they may not a good choice to partner with for your orders.

This is because some people who try to use their platform to place orders identified that their coupon is a scam.

Their coupon seems to take away the price of the items but gives you an exuberant shipping fee which can purchase the same item and ship it on other platforms.

So, in the end, the coupon is a scam.

Also, screenshots of people who review them negatively showed that their response was not to address the reason for the negative reviews but to inform the reviewers that they didn’t appreciate such and that they would appreciate it if they were sent negative reviews personally.

So, they want positive reviews to be public.

In as much as they ignored the negative reviews publicly, they definitely neglect them when sent privately.

Another reviewer stated that they are not who they claim to be.

The reviewer indicated that they have no partnership with any goods seller nor do they have goods to sell.

He added that they buy from either Alibaba or eBay and then ship to you in the name of Kegura.

That means they don’t have a brand, they just want to make money.

If we can find one or two things about them that are already a scam, then there is no reason why you should not be careful.

These reviews have been taken from people who have interacted with them through their platform.

Therefore it is not a safe place to shop and you could lose your money.

If you have any issues with them, you are not likely to get help and that is tantamount to losing your money with them.

Be careful!