How to use UTSA blackboard for assignment submission

Have you heard of UTSA blackboard before?

Well, if you have not, we will discuss it briefly and then go into how to use UTSA blackboard for assignment submission.

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The UTSA blackboard is a digital solution designed for education and training.

It is built to help facilitators or teachers conveniently pass their teachings and training to their students around the world.

This technology also helps them to receive feedback from the students.

So, in a nutshell, it is a learning management system.

With it, tutors can upload a course, engage the students, measure students’ understanding and participation.

The platform is designed and owned by the University of Texas at San Antonio.

You would have seen that abbreviation in its name.

The UTSA stands for the University of Texas at San Antonio.

It is important to note that not all courses are done through the UTSA blackboard requires you to submit an assignment through it.

This is dependent on the Tutor’s choice.

If you will be required to submit an assignment through it, your course facilitator will definitely inform you about it.

If the course instructor requires an assignment submission, it will be enabled on the dashboard for that course.

How to use UTSA blackboard for assignment submission

So, to submit your assignment through the UTSA blackboard, simply navigate to the assignment page on the UTSA blackboard.

On the assignment page, look out for the upload icon.

If you can see the upload icon, all you need to do is to click on it and upload the assignment.

To upload the assignment, you must first save the assignment on your device (laptop, desktop, etc.) in a folder you can easily locate.

Once this is done, then you log on to the UTSA Blackboard, navigate to the assignment page, and click on upload.

This will pop up a page that will link to the memory of the device.

Simply select the folder containing the assignment file, search for the file in it, and select the file to upload it.

After the file is uploaded, check to see if it is the same file you want to upload by checking the name you saved the file with.

Once you are able to confirm it is the file, you may click on submit for the file to be sent to your course coordinator.

Once it shows that the upload is successful, then it means your facilitator will receive it at his own end.

If in the process of uploading the assignment you encounter any issue, please retry the whole process again.

If it fails, you may need to note the error message and probably reach out to the course facilitator with some screenshots as evidence.

You may also need to check the file format whether it meets the required one expected to be submitted.

File formats can also be an issue.

With this, I believe you have enough information to help you understand how to use the UTSA blackboard for the submission of assignments.