How to remove sponsored ads from Yahoo Mail

This is going to be a personal experience of how I removed sponsored ads from Yahoo Mail.

So if you have been searching for how to remove sponsored ads from Yahoo Mail, then you’ve landed on the right page that will help you get rid of it permanently.

Having advertisements flashing everywhere on your Yahoo Mail inbox is one of the bad experiences I’ve had with this email provider.

And I believe there are other Yahoo users who do not want to see these sponsored ads in their inbox anymore.

Sometimes, you may even mistake the ads to be your latest incoming mail.

Only to find out that you clicked on an advertisement.

What could be worse than that?

The only suggestion Yahoo help would offer will be to tell you to buy a Yahoo Mail pro subscription telling you that you are seeing the ads on your inbox because the FREE Yahoo mail is made possible by marketing ads to you.

Though it is possible disabling it temporarily.

I’m not against the display of ads in any way, but it annoys sometimes.

This is why I was forced to find a way to block these ads and have an ad free Yahoo Mail.

So how exactly was I able to do that?

Here is how to remove sponsored ads from Yahoo Mail

In my life as a blogger, I have always had an ad blocker extension installed on my browser.

There are times you’ll need to surf webpages without ads so you don’t get distracted.

So my ad block extension has always come in handy in times like this.

Please note that it is not all ad blocker extensions that will be able to block ads on Yahoo mail.

That is why I’m writing this to share with you the exact extension that I’m using that is also efficient in blocking Yahoo ads.

I’m a fan of Google Chrome browser.

That is the browser that I’ve used all my life and the extension in question is a Chrome extension called “AdBlock”

So to remove sponsored ads from Yahoo Mail permanently, you will need a Chrome browser and the extension.

Simply visit Chrome web store and search for “AdBlock”.

Download and install the extension and you are good to go.

In the search result, it is likely to be the second extension on the list since it is one of the best extensions for this particular task.

Check out the screenshot below to be sure you are getting the right extension:

remove sponsored ads from Yahoo Mail

Since I already have the extension added to my browser, that is why I’m having that green ribbon at the top left corner of the picture.

I’m saying that in case you see a different picture.

So simply download and install the extension and access your Yahoo Mail from the Chrome browser where you have this extension installed and you will not see any ad on your inbox anymore.

There are alternative methods of removing sponsored ads from Yahoo Mail but this is the one that I’m currently using and it is working pretty well.

Which other method are you using to remove sponsored ads from Yahoo Mail?

Kindly share…