How to get access Walmart paystub from home computer

If you are wondering whether or not you can access your Walmart paystub from your home computer, then you are on the right page.

And of course, you are reading the exact piece that will provide you with the information.

To begin with, be rest assured that it is possible.

The how is what we shall be looking at in this piece.

To get access to my Walmart paystub from your home computer, there are a few steps that you will need to follow through, and in a few minutes, you will have access to your Walmart paystub.

You will need to get your mobile number ready and be ready to access Walmart One first.

From there, it won’t be difficult to get to your Walmart paystub.

Begin by logging on to Walmart One, if you are new, then you will be required to set up yourself on the platform first.

To do that, simply click on sign up, fill in the required details, and follow the steps to set your profile up on the platform.

That should not take more than 5 minutes.

It shouldn’t anyway, just get your details handy and make sure they are correctly entered to avoid issues.

If you are already registered, what you need to do now is to login into the platform.

The details required to log in include date of birth, facility ID, Walmart ID, and PIN. You will get a four-digit number sometime like an OTP (one-time-password).

It will be valid for just 10 minutes.

So you must get your phone close by to avoid inputting the number after the 10 minutes have elapsed.

After this, you will successfully log in.

Now that you are logged in, some of the things you will be seeing are schedules, PTO balance information, paystub, reports an absence, etc.

Simply navigate through the interface to the paystub interface.

So you see that it is not a difficult thing to achieve.

Just follow the steps stated above and you will get to the paystub without any issue in no time.

That should take you about 5 minutes in all if no issues occur and if the internet is good without problems.

Also, you can log on to the Walmart money network.

This will give you access to your paystub straight away.

Once you sign in to the Walmart money network, next is to click on sign in to the Paystub portal.

Once you are able to sign, then you will be able to see your paystub.

These processes are easy to follow.

They are not complicated, anyone can follow through.

Once you have gotten to the paystub interface, you can print for those that you want.

To do this, you may simply enter the dates for the paystubs you want and print them.

You can as well email them to yourself if you don’t have a printer available.

You can always print them later.

I believe this piece has provided an answer to your question on how to get access to your Walmart pay stub from my home computer.